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10 Facts About Rickey Stokes

The Rickey Stokes news dothan al website is a non-profit, non-partisan media outlet. We report the most important and interesting events happening in the world – with an emphasis on what’s happening in America. Our work is driven by a desire to equip conservatives, who have been misrepresented and vilified in the media and education system, with the skills necessary to operate in this liberal-dominated information atmosphere. We seek to provide new knowledge on issues like history, economics, culture, and politics.

Founder Rickey Stokes offers this article for all of you who are interested in learning some facts about the non-profit site. Below is an overview on our mission statement as well as 10 other interesting tidbits.

Here are 10 facts about the news website called Rickey stokes:

1. Rickey Stokes is one for all.

Rickey Stokes is a professional journalist, historian and public speaker. He has been a contributor to Drudgereport.com for almost five years, and his work has been featured on World Net Daily. He also wrote for numerous other outlets, such as AmericanFreePress. He was hired by MSBNC to be a news analyst in November of 2010.

2. His interests grew from his daughter.

Rickey Stokes initially became interested in the issue of education after watching his daughter go through the public school system. More specifically he observed that many students were being poorly taught about the Constitution and American history, which led him to write “Save Our America! The Constitution 101 Education Movement (a self-published book).” He began researching about education as well as founding a non-profit called “History Education Act” which has since been renamed “I don’t know History.”

3. He’s a Christian conservative.

Rickey Stokes is a Christian conservative and an advocate of homeschooling, which he believes to be the only real hope for American education to return to its roots. He believes that schools should provide students with an education which teaches the skills needed to be successful in all aspects of life, not just in school.

4. The Rickeystokes.com news website is unbiased

Rickey Stokes never discloses his political views when doing his reporting for the news website, making it an unbiased source of information. He always tries to do his best to report facts and let the reader decide what they think of the material.


5. The news website is a charity, not a business.

Rickey Stokes has founded the “Rickey Stokes Foundation” to help others. The website was initially started in order to help provide students with an education on American history and the Constitution, which he believes is important for a stable and free society. The Rickeystokes.com news website is run as a charity so it will never be in conflict with any government rules or regulations when reporting or publishing material.

6. Rickey Stokes was inspired by the Founding Fathers’ vision of American history classes at Liberty University

Rickey Stokes was formerly a professor at Liberty University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication where he taught American history classes and wrote books on U.S. history. He became inspired by the vision of those who founded the university because they believed in a strong, truthful curriculum that would be the basis for an effective education.

7. The news website is funded through private donations

The feedback for Rickeystokes.com news website has been positive, and a lot of people have offered to help fund the website so that it can continue to operate into the future. Rickey Stokes has said that he will take any financial help that is offered because he wants to make sure his news outlet is top quality and will remain around for years to come.

8. The non-profit site’s social media has over 2 million followers on Facebook alone

Rickey Stokes has said that he is grateful for all the support he has received so far because it shows him that people support his work, and would be happy to donate any money they can to help out. The Rickeystokes.com social media website has over 2 million followers on Facebook alone and is growing each day.

9. The news website has won awards

Rickey Stokes won the “Ben Franklin Award” in 2012, which is given annually to the most popular conservative or libertarian author who writes on American history or culture. He also took first place in “Historian of the Year” competition in 2011, which was won by historian Dr. Paul Kengor.

10. Rickey Stokes was born and raised in North Carolina

Rickey Stokes was born and raised in North Carolina but he now lives in Texas with his wife Kim who he has been married to for 23 years and they have 5 children together. He is also a big fan of Bearcat football and Clemson University.


Rickey Stokes is just one of the many great people who have lived in North Carolina and has used his intelligence, political passion, and unrelenting drive to produce something positive. He has been able to get a lot of recognition for his non-profit news website which seems to be catching on. The course of events will only make it stronger in the future as long as he can keep up the good work.

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