Restaurant bar with seating on three sides

3 methods to spice up your bar or restaurant SMM

In any project, there comes a moment when all possible resources have been exhausted, all opportunities have been used, but the result you have been striving for has not been achieved. It is a matter of clearly and correctly setting goals and objectives, as well as determining the criteria for achieving them. And this is a very weak point of most SMM events, but we are not talking about that.

Imagine the situation – the bar was opened 3-4 months ago, promoted in social media, but .. the audience in the group is 500-600, in the photoblog 50-100 – lonely likes and rare comments. The spears are broken and you want to switch to other channels, find a cornucopia, from which new and old visitors will come to you with a large average check and a passionate desire to drink and eat those positions that are beneficial to you. Do not despair, there are, for sure, more tools that you did not use, that you didn’t know about. The world and technology do not stand still, and I would like to give examples of techniques that will allow you to activate SMM service, strengthen it and get more from this communication channel


Yes, just play with your audience. Design and implement simple game mechanics in your communities. Quizzes, forecasts, contests. You definitely did all this already, but an important exception is that you did not deduce, did not start all this as long-term communication. It shouldn’t be like: “hold the question, give your answer, here’s the prize – come and take it at our restaurant.”

a) Plan the activity 2-3 months in advance, define the questions and, most importantly, not real, but virtual prizes. For example, for participation in a quiz, let’s give – 1 point, for a victory – 3 points.
b) Make a grid of virtual prizes – rewards, virtual points that you will reward for participation and victories. Get creative and imagine these balls as virtual mugs, virtual cupcakes, waitress kiss, etc.
c) Make a prize grid – real prizes.
d) Match the real prizes to the virtual ones. For example, for 10 “mugs” – a visitor can get any drink of his choice, for 5 – a T-shirt of your establishment, etc.

How it looks in practice: announce this activity, create an expectation. They asked a question, in response to comments to all participants in accordance with their contribution – attach the same virtual awards by the moderator. Record them in a separate file. At the end of the month, week, or the entire period, offer to exchange virtual prizes for real ones


Count likes and comments. Enter a system of rewards for the activity of your users – their likes, reposts and comments. After all, all this ensures the passive dissemination of information about your institution to additional circles of their friends. Use ready-made tools for counting and highlighting the most active ones.

At the end of the month, award and, most importantly, publicly. You will have another informational lead for holding an event inside the institution and a reason to invite your participants. In addition, real confirmation that you are giving prizes will increase the level of trust in you as an organizer and the level of involvement in such event.


Analyze your purchasing power data. If you have a cash register system installed that allows you to identify visitors and store information about their visits and preferences (iico or r-keeper). And it definitely needs to be installed if you are asking questions about increasing the flow of visitors and are not going to do it ineffectively.

Analyze it – there are endless possibilities for you in terms of functional creativity: a) who comes to you for steaks – tell us about the new sauces that you have brought;
b) who comes to you for tea – tell us about the new dessert;
c) who comes to you for a pint – about the new tap that you have installed;
etc. etc.

And we are not talking about how to write SMS to these users – match the visitor’s name with the account on the social network (find the appropriate subscriber in your group) – develop this communication on social networks. The visitor will be pleased with a personal appeal, and this will save you on SMS packages.