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5 best ways to treat sugar cravings

The desire for sugary foods is simply a part of being human, and hence there is no reason why you should beat yourself up for the same. But, when this liking turns into an addiction and you start craving for more and more sugary food and drinks to satisfy your urge, it could be dangerous. It is believed that sugar addiction is more dangerous than being addicted to smoking.

It is obvious that to cut sugar intake, you just have to say ‘NO’ to anything and everything that has sugar in it like tea or coffee, processed food items, canned food (canned fruits as well) candies, colas, and most fruit juice cans as well. Sheela Seharawat, mentor and founder of Diet Clinic and an expert dietitian herself, says that he big problem is not so much on how to say NO, but how to deal with the craving that follows, if you say no, especially if the food or drink item in question is one that is part of your lifestyle.

She also stresses that the biggest problem with sugar is that when consumed it releases a chemical in our brain, that makes us feel calm and relaxed. The main issue with this feeling comes when this calmness and feeling of relaxation do not last long and we start looking for more of it to have the same effect and the cycle keeps growing. Excess sugar in our body and our bloodstream could have a lot of negative effects on our health and the most common of them is obesity, diabetes, kidney and heart issues, sleep problems and skin and hair problems.

Here are the best and most effective ways to tame this craving for sugar and you will find yourself balancing your weight naturally, becoming a lot clearer and calmly headed, sleep better, have better digestion and less of other serious side effects:

Get to bed early and get better quality sleep

The human body needs more carbs and sugar between 3.00 – 4.00 am and at noon – the first and second parts of the endocrine cycle. Dung these phases the brain is more alert and hence it needs and uses glucose to work than it requires at other times of the day. After, these phases and noon, the use of sugar lessen and so does the need for sugar in the body. But, if e are addicted and have become our regular habit to take sugar, we continue consuming it and storing it up unnecessarily right through the day.

The fact is that the later we sleep or the later we are awake, we keep storing up sugar and the harder it is for the heart to keep the blood heavy with sugar. In the process that harder, it becomes for our pancreas, kidneys, liver and the endocrine glands to maintain the chemical balance. This reflects in our natural normal living by showing up in the form of storing excess fat, and disorder in sleep. The best dietitian in Chandigarh says this can further result in depression, weight gain, insomnia and various other health issues of the nervous system, liver, kidneys and as well heart.

As we sleep early, the energy requirement is diverted from keeping us awake to more beneficial processes like skin and hair development, improving the digestive process, bone cell development, hormonal balancing and more. Sleeping early will allow the body to adjust to nature’s rule and in a week or two, you will find that your cravings have much reduced.

Get hold of your stress levels and face the emotional pain

Stress is one factor that makes it difficult for all of us to get control over our sugar cravings. The high we feel from eating sugar is so much comfort that it is often used to reduce anxiety stress and the pains due to emotional conditions.

There is only one way when we can overcome our emotional pains – when we acknowledge and accept it. Remove all inhibiting thoughts out of your life. Most people with sugar cravings experience un-understandable emotional feelings and stress. Life, after all, is all about experiences and as human beings, we all have the right to emotional awareness. Feel your pain and you will only benefit out of it. Nature is there to support and heal you.

Improve your body awareness – move your body daily

Body awareness – the quality of the connection between our mind and body. Keeping our body active and moving is a great way to stay attached to our body and your mind will automatically against the consumption of sugar, rather than keep having it more and more.  

Scientifically, breaking the sugar addiction is heavily dependent n balancing the blood sugar levels. When we eat sugar, the body converts it into blood sugar and the body either uses it as a fuel source for energy or stores the excess reserve as fats. 

Exercising daily produces the third option for the body to use for it as energy and not storing it up as fats. To do this, you don’t have to be a pro. Just a few minutes daily walking or swimming or biking can do the trick. Exercising daily will also aid in keeping your circulation going, heal varicose veins, balance out the weight and hormonal issues, keep more alert in waking hours and help in sleeping better in the night.

Always have your meals in time and make sure you don’t miss your breakfast

Every time you feel hungry and it is your meal time – stop everything you may be doing and go and have your food. If you do not have your meals in time and keep the hunger growing, the body becomes more aggressive to get simpler ways to get the fuel it needs – sugar. And, this means the body starts craving for sugar. Never wait to go crazy for food and hunger to strike in, as it will make you pop more sweet things.

When the body isn’t sure that when is it going to get its next meal, it’ll start storing up as much fat as possible within the body to use in emergencies. If you keep eating on time regularly day after day, the body will realize it doesn’t have to load up with fat anymore, and this helps you lose weight as well. This allows the heart to work better as it doesn’t have to pump blood around such a large body anymore. This also helps in getting on to clear up skin and hair problems and more. 

The nutritionist who uses the best nutrition software says that sugar cravings are stimulated when the body is deprived of nutrients it needs to function. The best way to eliminate this deficiency is by ensuring that you have a rounded up breakfast. Breakfasts with all necessary nutrients will ensure that the body is satisfied and will not crave sugar.

Keep away from places where you have plenty of sugary drinks and foods

It is a simple common sense. The more you are around sugary foods and drinks, the more are your chances of having them. Sometimes you might be so engaged with your social commitments that you might not notice the negative effects of sugar on your body, but always keep in mind that it is your body and your health that comes first. 

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