5 Stylish Hallway Decor Ideas For Your Home in 2021

5 Stylish Hallway Decor Ideas For Your Home in 2021

When you decorate your home, you usually forget about the entry hallway. Due to the small area, this space is very challenging to decorate. With few thoughtful and innovative touches, you can turn any narrow hallway into a fabulous entry.

Following are some hallway decoration tricks that marry function and style:

1.   Full Gallery Wall


One of the interesting hallway decorating techniques is to build a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall.It is visually a bold and creative way to display various art pieces or photos.It instantly gives a hallway a style and personality.

There are different ways to build a gallery wall, and how you create it is all up to you. You can stick to black-and-white photos, colorful paintings, or framed art pieces. You can check some framed wall art here.

You can blend photos, paintings, drawings, and even posters to give a dynamic look. Hallway decoration is about showcasing your personal touch.

2.   Oversized Art

Oversized Art
Oversized Art

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If a gallery wall in your hallway feels overwhelming, then you can focus on one oversize piece of art. It gives the same dramatic effect and clean-lined look.

You can try to hang a large-scale art piece with pops of color to amp up the blank wall space. You can also round out the art piece by skirting it with sconces. It will give a more formal and decent look.

3.   Layered Rugs

You can lay down rugs in your entry so that it can add soft texture and protect your floors.Rugs make the hallway look longer and spacious.

You can also pair a runner with an area rug for a varied look. The best thing about layering rugs is that it adds color and pattern to space.

4.   Classic Entry Console

Classic Entry Console
Classic Entry Console

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You can give a look at the traditional entry console. It does not offer storage space, but it adds elegance and an elevated vibe. You can anchor your hallway with a classic wood console. It can be easily paired with traditional decor elements.

You can add traditional elements like an ornate mirror and bird or botanical prints. The classic console is perfect in hallways as it does not need to be super practical.

It is best in places that need a decorative style boost such as the hallway.

5.   Slim Console Shelf

A slim console table is a stylish and practical technique to decorate a hallway.It consumes a minimal floor space and leaves a lot of walking area all around. A tiered console shelf provides an extra level of storage space.

A console shelf is also a perfect solution in narrow and dimly lit hallways. You can use the lower level for storing the books and top it with a table lamp and mirror to reflect light.

Final Words

You can follow different hallway decorating ideas to make small wonders. You can make it possible by not only maximizing storage but you can also offer a clean-line and organized look.

You can install a floating shelf and then anchor them with a bench underneath to utilize small space to the maximum.

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