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6 Best Big Hats For Travelers

It is no news that everyone loves a good hat. The hat is an accessory piece that is useful all season. Depending on your choice, hats can be a hit or miss. A wrong style of big hat can make you appear unfashionable and, in some scenarios, offer no protection against the sun. 

When many people travel, they often leave their hotel rooms early in the morning and do not return until after sunset. It means travelers are constantly exposed to the sun. Hence, there is a need for them to wear hats for protection and style. 

The usual challenge of traveling with hats is packing. Many hats lose their shape and form when wrapped. For this reason, this article is written to inform you about the best big hats for travelers that are sure to give you protection and desired style. 

Lululemon Wide-Brim Bucket Hat With Strap

This hat is all styles and functions. It is a lightweight piece with an adjustable strap. It is a nylon blend that not only helps to protect from the sun but rain too. 

You can fold lululemon wide-brim bucket hats inside-out, offering you two different appearances. You can switch the cap depending on the sun angle because the brim is longer at one end and shorter at the other.

The adjustable strap affords you to fasten the hat on your head. You need not worry that the wind will blow off your hat due to the more extended brim feature. Lululemon wide-brim bucket hats offer excellent functionality and will compliment your outfit to give you a beautiful look.

Madewell Packable Braided Straw Hat


Never have a beach trip without the right hat. Madewell braided straw hat is one of the best options you can own. It has an excellent structure and style and provides the needed protection from the sun.

It is made of 95% paper straw, which causes it to offer enough stiffness to keep the sides straight. A multipurpose elastic ribbon is around the hat. The ribbon holds the hat in shape when you pack it in your bag, and it also adds a subtle style.

The material is lightweight and doesn’t trap heat. It means you can wear it, and your head won’t be sweaty in the sun. The brim is wide enough to offer protection for your face without preventing you from seeing what is ahead of you. 

Columbia Women’s Global Adventure Packable Hat

It is a quality sun hat for women. The moisture-wicking material used in making this hat prevents the accumulation of sweat, therefore keeping your head cool always. 

It has a chin strap that you can tie as you desire to keep the hat secured on your head. The big brim keeps your face safe from ultraviolet rays. It is a perfect choice for any trip to beautify your outfit and protect you from the sun.

Timray Hat

Indiana Jones makes timray hat. It is a men’s hat that is comfortable and practical for both cool and warm weather conditions. 

It is made of cotton material, which makes it soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, and appears super cool. It also makes it easy to pack without tampering with the shape and structure. The crown’s deep center wrinkle, upswing brim, and grosgrain band create a masculine yet in-vogue edge. 

The brim is 3 inches long, offering enough protection against the sun. 

Norfork Hat

Scala is the brand that makes Norfork hats. Norfork is a hat that proves you don’t have to travel with hats that do not portray elegance. 

Norfork is sure to become your favorite hat if you own one, whether you dress casually or in a classy manner. The wool material is water-repellant, which makes it an ideal hat choice for winter. 

It has a brim of about 2 inches which makes it an excellent hat for all year long. The crown has a structure like a fedora’s, which makes it flexible and fit to pack for any trip.

Janessa Leoné Hamilton Hat

If you want to spend big on a classy and quality hat, Janessa Leoné Hamilton’s hat is one of the best options. It comes in different sizes with folding capabilities that can’t be altered. 

You can fold it to fit into your bag without worrying about it taking a new shape. It takes little effort to unfold and return it to its original condition after taking it out of the bag during a trip. 

It is lightweight, but the brim is large enough to cover your face from the sun. In addition, it offers you a gorgeous look when you add it to your outfit. It is one of the few hats you don’t want to miss in your collection. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Hat For Travels


There are different hat histories, which are worn for many reasons. You need to understand that the skin on your face and head are susceptible to damage like every other part of your body and must be protected at all costs. 

Ensure that you buy a hat that protects your face against the sun, lightweight enough to keep your head cool, and capable of serving every one of your other purposes. 


Buy a hat with a fabric that is comfortable for you. It will help you to make the best use of it. Ensure the material is durable. Most hats with straw material are sturdy and will last longer than delicate ones. 


Don’t be deceived by the saying “one size fits all.” Opt for hats in various sizes. Please measure your head and compare it with the dimensions of the hats you want to buy. You can consider hats with adjustable cords, which allows them to change sizes a bit. 

Buy A Hat Today


Above are listed travel-friendly hats you can buy. Decide the functions you need a hat to perform and your preferred style. It will ensure you purchase a hat that will serve you as long as you want.

Buy a hat with a large enough brim to offer you protection against the sun while allowing you to see what is ahead of you. 

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