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6 Pillars Of IWMS – Integrated Workforce Management System

Most of the organizations have implemented IWMS for their growth. IBM TRIRIGA has successfully helped many companies to reach the goal that they aim for. The Integrated Workforce Management System has many benefits.

The ultimate management tool has 6 pillars of Integrated Workplace Management System as mentioned below:

1. Real Estate Manager

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager is the one which manages all the operations related to the real estate like the portfolio of real estate, its status, cost of its location etc. It is highly beneficial as you need to track the information regularly for the best use of the resources. If you have a property on lease, IBM TRIRIGA helps to track and manage your lease contract and various agreements. This feature is very beneficial for users. For issuing a new lease or while paying for the existent lease, the person needs to know about other lease plans existing. IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager helps to provide the simultaneous comparison of your present plan of the lease to the other transaction scenarios. Processing payments for various real estate process is also taken care of by this manager.

2. Capital Projects Manager

This manager is beneficial as it helps to collect all the relevant data related to a capital project at one place. If the data is collected in one place, it becomes very easy to access it and process the information. It also has a feature that prioritizes the projects according to their critical behavior and advancement.

3. Facilities Manager

This feature is the one that helps to use all the resources effectively. There are many resources in a company that can be under-utilized, and the organization suffers loss in paying for those resources. This manager helps to identify such resources and put them to effective use. This helps to reduce the cost of the company.

4. Workplace Reservation Manager

IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Reservation Manager helps for online reservation purposes. The reservation is of majorly three kinds. These are the asset reservation, location reservation and vehicle reservation. In a company, reserving certain things is important to continue the discipline in the company.

5. Energy Manager

This manager is very helpful to maintain the sustainability of the environment. Each manager has a particular sustainability goal which he/she has to maintain across facilities. The energy manager in the workplace manager takes the responsibility of managing and tracking the sustainability of energy of a manager. It includes CO2 emission tracking, waste disposal tracking, utility tracking etc.

6. Workplace Operation Manager

Providing high-quality service to the company can be managed by the workplace operation manager for each manager. There is certain management that a manager is supposed to manage like maintenance of vendors work, the management of assets’ warranty, facility assessment etc.

These are the six pillars of Integrated Workplace Management System which help the system to stand stronger and provide support to its users. If you have not yet done IWMS implementation in your company, it is not too late to reach the goals by implementing the system.

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