6 Unusual but Useful Car Gadgets

Many car owners in India personalize their cars using different car accessories. These accessories make your car attractive and enjoyable. Indian people usually try to select unique car gadgets to personalize their cars. These car gadgets range mainly are cheap and efficient and the most popular one is a gps device for car.

With the ever-growing technology, there are various car gadgets that are available in the open market. Some car gadgets are provided by the manufacturer itself. The car gadget provides a new look and feels to your car.

Let’s look into some of the unusual car gadgets

Air ionizers help in keeping a clean environment in the car

The ever increasing air-pollution may lead to many respiratory diseases such as asthma, etc. Thus, keeping your car clean by using air ionizer can help you to prevent such disease. Many people prefer installing this gadget in their car.

The gadget helps to capture the dust particles by realizing the ions. The negative ions released through the air ionizer stick with the positive ions like the dust particles which is further pulled by this machine. Thus air ionizers are generally placed in ac vent or plugged as the USB device.

Anti-Glare can be a useful car gadget

Anti-Glare can be a useful gadget to prevent sunlight which directly falls into your car. The anti-glare works as a protective layer. The anti-glare film is generally fixed on the windows and sun-roof panel of the car.

Anti-Glare can also be used to prevent the high beams falling from the opposite cars. Generally, the drivers prefer driving the car on the high beams at the highway thus making it annoying to the opposite driver. This having an anti-glare panel can help protect the beam from falling directly into the driver’s eye.

Laser Light can add an extra benefit to your car

Laser lights are generally fitted beneath the number plate of the car. This gadget is useful when there is low visibility on the road. The laser light with the help of brake lights can boost up light technology during low visibility which helps the car to keep a safe distance from the below riding car.

Some laser light also helps in parallel parking. The sensor camera with the help of laser lights helps to detect the barrier while parking the car. Thus, laser lights are very useful for the new car learners as it prevents from damage while parking the car.

A Bluetooth GPS navigation system can make your journey easier

The advancement of technology has lead to the development of various car gadget which works as a navigation system. One such miracle is gps for car, it helps to find the routes in an unknown city. The GPS navigation system can be connected to your car using Bluetooth.

The GPS navigation system not only helps the driver to find the route but informs him about the traffic congestion. The road potholes and conditions can also be analyzed using this system. It provides the route in a simplified way thus making the device user friendly to use.

Solar Fan can help you to keep your car cool

Many countries experience the hot temperatures for maximum months in a year. Thus while maintaining the temperature an AC may prove irrelevant most of the time. The solar fan provides to be a great alternative during this time. 

The role of a solar fan is to escape hot air and maintain a cool temperature in the car. Thus the temperature is maintained in the car during a hot sunny day. The solar fans are generally fixed to the car’s window. The solar fan uses sun radiation for working. Thus, it can reduce the ac usage which eventually would provide a great power while riding a car.

A high-quality camera parking sensor is a must

A high-quality camera parking sensor helps us to park the car safely. A screen panel with a camera sensor is generally fixed in your car. The car parking sensor alerts when the car is too close to the obstacle. Although some are cars are provided by car manufacturers, others may mount the system through an online shopping market. 


Car Gadgets not only provide a smooth ride but also helps to extend the car’s life. Many people prefer to install car gadgets to give a cool look to their car.

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