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60th Birthday Presents: Our Ultimate Guide

For some 60th birthdays would seem to bring on the boring retirement phase, while for some others it’s the time to kickstart the second phase of childhood. Be it whatever, 60th birthday is special for everyone. Hence, a gift that perfectly suits this special day of someone beloved is one of the much-needed things. A great amount of thought is required to surprise a 60-year-old on his/her birthday over something that he/she will love to be pampered with. Here’s a list of some great birthday present ideas to pamper your young 60-year-old queen/ king. 

60th Birthday Present

1.Wall Clock – Time really flew by real quick and now your beautiful 60-year-old has started to age in the most dashing way. But nonetheless, his/her fascination with some wall clocks having some antique appeal still seems to have remained unchanged. So why not gift him/her with a gorgeous piece of wall clock from some antique store. Its appeal and the chimes are sure to brighten up his/her birthday effortlessly. 

2.Birthday Cake – No matter what age group we may belong to but the fact is when we hit the 60-year-old club, our cravings for something sweet is always high. And as birthdays are a day that calls for pamperings hence what could be a better gift than a pound of sweet happiness i.e a scrumptious cake. Isn’t it? You can look for some good options as you choose to online cake delivery in Chennai or whichever part of the world that you are residing in. If not, then you can even bake a cake at your home to pamper your 60-year-old. 

60th Birthday

3.Reading Glasses – With age, the ability to see things perfectly fine seems to decrease. So, a pair of reading glasses for a bookworm 60-year-old can make an excellent yet very thoughtful gift. You can visit your local optical store or loom for some reading glasses without power online over some reputed optical wear website. 

4. A Gift Hamper Full Of Hot Beverages – Everyone loves to get addicted to tea or coffee over time, hence a gift hamper full of hot beverages seems like a great way to pamper a 60-year-old. You can look for some green or herbal tea gift hampers or a few sachets of coffee, whichever is preferred by the recipient and you are ready to ace your gifting game.

60th Birthday Presents

5.Digital Photo Frame – The memories that your 60-year-old has earned, he./she has earned it for this lifetime. And believe it or not, it makes one of the most priceless gifts when presented to them over a digital photo frame. Get some of the nostalgia – stricken pictures of the major life events of your beloved 60-year-old like from the day he/she married or some childhood memories to cheer him/her up on this special day.

6.Caricature – Bring a sweet smile to his/her beautiful face as you choose to pamper your 60-year-old with a cool yet quirky caricature. It will be something that will act as a token of your eternal love.

So, what’s your pick? 

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