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7 Benefits of Buying a Bed for Your Dog

It is tough imagining to live without a bed! Every soul requires an enjoyable and comfortable bed. And it is applicable for your pet pooch as well. Apart from his right food and water, a dog bed tops his list of primary needs. A dog bed has countless benefits while playing a crucial role in your pet pooch’s overall well-being and posture.

Notwithstanding their age, breed, or size, a soft and comfortable dog bed stands extremely important. Read below the seven benefits of buying one for your pet buddy to make him feel at ease always.

Improves your pooch’s well-being

Never compromise with your pet buddy’s health. Unending and unlimited belly-rubs, cuddles, and treats for being good the whole day seems reasonable. But never go for making him sleep in a ‘rough-and-ready’ bed made of old and tattered blankets and de-formed pillows. It takes a heavy toll on their health in the long run. They have to deal with adjusting in whatever little space and restricted napping position they can gather.

Any hard, rough, or uneven surface always affects anybody’s sleep in a fitful way. The same is with these innocent pooches. The uncomfortable sleeping position makes him laid-back and irritable mostly. And, it affects his overall well-being and pose. Any aged or obese dog should sleep in an orthopedic dog bed as it caters to their specific requirements for ensuring the most excellent health.

Checks upon any behavioral problems

You should not leave your pet pooch lie beside you in bed. It leads to many behavioral issues, most of which turn into unpleasantness. It feels great to make your pet buddy lie beside you on your bed. But do not set the same into a habit. In many cases, however cute and adorable the pet buddy seems, it will not take much time for him to take command over the entire bed! And, when they do, growling or showing annoyance stands to be a ubiquitous feature of these furry buddies. Cater for soft and comfortable designer dog beds, to keep these behavioral issues at bay. Make him feel content by giving him a space of his own. You will get various kinds of foundation, depending on the breed and, of course, age. Opt for the washable ones for easy maintenance. Initially, train him to make him identify his place to sleep or lie down. Within a couple of days, your buddy will not stay without his heavenly bed, for more than a minute!

Saves your Furniture

Many of our four-legged buddies love circling and doing some bit of burrowing or kneading before they sleep. But that turns a bit problematic if he does the same with your designer rugs or pricey couches. Irrespective of the number of times you vacuum them, it will always have their signature marks of dander and fur. You have to train and introduce him to his new bed. A couple of day’s training is more than enough for him to understand his place of sleeping. Place his bed next to your cot to make him feel more secure.

The house remains neat.

When your furry buddy has his place to sit, sleep or laze the entire day, chances are less of him to soil your bed, sofas or couches. Your house will be germ-free and remain sparkling clean. During certain phases or seasons, these pooches shed a lot of hair and carry ticks or mites. And they generally stick to your favorite sofa or couch, which becomes difficult in taking-out while vacuuming. Buy a dog bed to keep him happy, as well as off from your precious furniture.

Ensure everybody’s sound sleep  

Sharing your bed sometimes with your pet buddy is a great idea. But do not over exceed or turn it into a habit. While sleeping with them on the same bed, it turns into really annoying and not-to-comfortable. And your sleep turns more into a nightmare if you have more than one pooch. While flipping sides, chances are more of feeling their wet nose or tail on all-over your face. Your pet hitting you with his legs and tail acts as a significant disturbance. It is also unhygienic, as it might lead to many respiratory problems owing to their fur/hair. The best way to keep out of all these glitches is to cater to his bed, where he can sleep at ease.

Retains his warmth

Dogs are highly susceptible to changes in temperature. Be it the summer-time, heavy monsoon or winter, and they require the right insulation for being comfortable. A cozy dog bed is the ideal one to keep them warm and toasty in all seasons. Coiling in his bed and staying comfy for long hours, is the happiest thing they can do. Avoid your pooch from sleeping on the floor for long hours. They get directly exposed to the floor temperatures, which are high or low, resulting in them falling ill. In many cold places, an electric heated dog bed gives your pet buddy all the warmth and comfort. While in hot and humid areas, you can buy a cooling dog bed to make him feel fresh and energized the entire day.

He owns personal space

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We all search for a unique and cozy corner for our own wherever we stay. It has a lot of hidden benefits, which makes it more significant and hard to leave. Similarly, your pet buddy requires his special place where he can sit or laze the entire day. Many times they like to stay away from the humans around or cranky children or the pesky cat. His dog bed is the one place where he can ‘snug like a bug’ for more than ten hours a day! While petting a furry four-legged buddy, you should know that dogs are territorial. And this makes them value their possession a lot. So, it might be his short nap or the long night’s sleep, catering for his bed is always the right decision.

Closing lines

A dog bed is not only a random soft square piece of bedding. It acts more with its safety and privacy. A good dog bed with the right cushioning and non-chewable features positively affects its health. While purchasing one, look out for the ones with the right type of insulation, adequate weight and joint management, warmth, and best possible comfort. The above discussed seven benefits will help you choose from the vast range of dog beds and make the right choice.

Real dog parents know better of their canine friend being nothing less than an essential part of the family. So, it never seems to be a flashy decision in investing upon the pooch’s bed. It is never the question of how much money you are spending, but it is how much comfort you are bestowing upon your lovable and self-less buddy.  

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