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7 Content Writing Ideas That Can Impress Your Friends

Despite the proliferation of content, visitors are still key to any website’s success. That’s why you need to be continually creating content that will keep your visitors returning. 

Here are seven ideas for content writing that you can potentially do in just a few minutes each. 

You’ve finally written your masterpiece, you’ve polished it to perfection, and now it’s time to share the fruits of your labor with friends. 

But before you go sharing it on Facebook or Twitter, make sure you know what to say. 

These are 7 Content Writing Ideas That Can Impress Your Friends :

1. Make a Text Post , Post to a Social Network –

A text post is an excellent way of sharing your new blog content with friends. It is brief, it is easy to read, and it’s easy to share on social networks. 

You can just copy paste your new blog post into the Facebook status box, or reply to the person who sent you a message on Twitter. Simple! Â

You don’t always have time to make a text post, and it’s too wordy for many people.

 That’s where posting to social networks comes in handy – it gets the message across much faster. You can give your post an advantage by using hashtag, like #contentwritingidea, or you can use the title tag of your blog post title.

 You can even add it to your Facebook status box or tweet it out with the link! Â

2. Answer Questions About Your Posts , Answer People’s Questions and Queries –

When people ask questions of their friends they are attracted to them more than if they receive nothing in response.

Because of this, if you answer people’s questions about your posts it will draw them back.

 This makes you more popular, which draws their friends to you.If you’re new to blogging and you’re creating a new post, people will be curious about it. 

So if they have a question that you can answer, then it is very beneficial to do so. It will also help you, as it gives your new posts credibility and shows that you know what you are talking about.

3. Introduce Yourself With a Profile Page-

When someone introduces himself, he does so because he wants to make a good impression on others. 

So if people don’t know who you are, they will be discouraged from getting to know you.

A Make sure that people know who you are, by making your own page about yourself on Facebook or creating a page for your blog in WordPress.

A you can even create an image about yourself which you can show off when people ask about what your interests are.

4. Share A Post With All Your Friends At Once With an App Like Buffer App –

Buffer app allows you to schedule all of your posts at once so that it always looks like you’re online and posting on schedule. 

This means that when you’re not, your friends will think that you’re online. So it’s a good idea to schedule everything in one go.

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5. Ask Friends To Share Your Posts With Their Friends –

If you are in the habit of sending people to your blog posts with no return, make sure you ask them to share it with their friends too. 

That way when they do share it with their friends, they will have an incentive to make sure that there are several pages of people who read their posts or comments on each one – this encourages sharing even more!

6. Respond To Controversy , Respond To Your Followers-

If there is a controversy that people are talking about in the news, online, or in your local area you can comment on it and add your own opinion. 

This will automatically draw people’s attention to you and your blog because they know that they cannot get access to such views anywhere else.

 If you are following other people on Twitter or Facebook who are passionate about the same things as you are, make sure that they know that it is okay to contact them.

 If they’re not in the habit of asking for questions, then you can surprise them with a quick message saying “Tell me about yourself”. 

This is a great way of getting more followers because they will see that you care about what they care about and that’ll make them more likely to follow back!

7. Make A New Post On Your Blog Every Day –

Because people use Facebook and Twitter to talk about what they’re doing, what’s new on their computer screens, and what they’re reading at the moment, always make your blog posts tomorrow or later today. 

This means that someone is always looking forward to seeing the latest one. And if they’re already a fan of yours, they don’t have to go looking for it, as they’ll simply see you making a post about it.

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