7 Marvel Supercars We Wish We Could Drive

The superheroes movies from the wonderful Marvel Universe have their

enthusiastic fans all over the world. The Marvel cars are as enigmatic as

the characters in the movies are and many people admire these vehicle

gems. Following are the best Supercars from the Marvel movies which

have our utmost attention.

1- Lamborghini Huracan from “Doctor Stranger”

This is an attention grabbing luxury car with super-fast acceleration. It is

available in two trims which are coupe and convertible. It rides easily

through traffic with it’s all-wheel drive. Huracan replaced the Gallardo as

Lamborghini’s best selling car. It features a V10 5.2 liter engine paired with

a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox which provides a powerful drive. 

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The 2020 model contains a rear-wheel drive which is not as strong as the all-wheel

drive but is also lighter and less pricier in comparison. The engine is placed

behind the car’s cabin. The V10 engine produces loud noises whenever it

speeds up through 8500-rpm. The rear-wheel drive models generate 602

hp whereas the all-wheel-drive models produce 631 hp. The 7-speed dual clutch automatic is capable of cutting shifts on its own either by a set of

paddle shifters or volition. Huracan can go from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.5

seconds and can drive a quarter mile at 135 mph in just 10.4 seconds.

Convenience is provided by the responsive chassis and a predictive

system known as LDVI which remembers and adapts to the inputs and

requirements of the driver.

The interior of the Huracan is really elegant. It can also be designed and

customized by the owner in terms of colors and material. Some of the

interior features include a push-button shifter, a trunk space in the front and

a semi floating center console. We can safely say that the Lamborghini

Huracan is a value for money car.

2- Audi R8 from “Iron Man”

The mechanicals and powertrain of this car are the same as in the

Lamborghini Huracan. However, the Audi R8 is less sharp in appearance

and is easier to drive in daily life. A V-10 engine is nestled behind the

passenger space which produces 602 hp. The acceleration is a bit tedious

but the comfort of handling and ride covers it. Coupe and convertible

models are available which further contain performance variants. 

Image result for Audi R8 from "Iron Man"

All the models have a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission and an

all-wheel drive. The base models are capable of generating 562 hp

whereas the performance variants can produce 602 hp. The exterior and

interior both are attractive. The interior contains soft leather upholstery, a

digital gauge display in the center of the cockpit and pure carbon-fiber trim.

The infotainment display which usually fits into the top center of the

dashboard is situated in the instrument cluster which provides a clean and

fresh layout. The sport seats are supportive and nicely sculpted. Simplicity

and minimalism is the theme of the interior. Easy controls are provided to

operate functions for example the ignition button is placed at the steering

wheel. The gauge cluster in the cockpit not only shows the MMI

infotainment system but also the instrumentation. Some of the interior

features include voice command, standard high resolution navigation, 4G

LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity and

controls on the center console and steering wheel. Safety features include

automatic high-beam headlamps and front and back parking sensors.

With Hi-Tech gadgets and laid-back design, it is a perfect car for road trips.

3- Lexus LC 500 from “Black Panther”

This supercar combines both beauty and bewilderment. With an

otherworldly appearance and a lively sounding engine, this car proves to be

one of the most unique one. LC 500 looks ravishing at nighttime due to the

complete coverage of Vibranium which also acts as an armor. It boasts a

modern design with intricate details and smooth bodyline. Even though it is

a very heavy car, it also has one of the most sophisticated interiors. A

“Check Fuel Cap” light is added in the gauge cluster along with a reverse

tone change and blind-spot monitoring. The interior holds an excellent

Image result for 3- Lexus LC 500 from "Black Panther"

driving position, a medium sized center console, navigation, mobile

hotspot, Bluetooth, many technological gadgets and seats crafted with rich

materials. Safety features include lane-departure warning, forward-collision

warning, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking and

blind-spot monitoring.

It has a 32-valve, double overhead-cam V-8, 5 liter engine which generates

471 hp. Another powertrain includes a gas-electric drivetrain of 354 hp.

This drivetrain encloses a pair of electric motors, a V-6 3.5 liter engine,

CVT and a lithium-ion battery of 1.1 kWh. The car is driven by big 21-inch

wheels. The “Performance Package” of the car includes a variable steering

and adaptive rear-wheel systems which enhance the agility of the vehicle.

All in all, Lexus LC 500 is a perfect example of contemporary design.

4- Custom Chrysler 300 from “Wolverine”

This bold sedan is anything but polite. It is one of the best selling cars of

Chrysler. One may think that the car seems to be old-fashioned by looking

at the exterior which is made of heavy material along with a big front grille

but the inner machinery proves that wrong. 

Image result for 4- Custom Chrysler 300 from "Wolverine"

The car may be heavy and

powerful but it is powered by the latest V-6, 3.6 liter engine which gives a

massive 292 hp. The interior provides a standard Uconnect infotainment

system which is really innovative.

The Chrysler sedan offers both comfort and elegance. It also combines the old and new elements in a fun way. It is a leader of large sedans.

5- Dodge Charger from “Blade”

The Charger is a splendid mix of practicality and quality. Two powerful V-8 engines along with an 8-speed automatic transmission provide engaging

drive. The interior offers a lot of functionality. 

The interior design may be

simple but there are quite a few options. The trunk space is huge.

Uconnect infotainment system is equipped inside which has a 7-inch

touchscreen. The exterior of the Charger containing hood scoop, 20-inch

wheels and chrome grill are distinctive details of the car.

This car is an excellent choice for those people who wish to have a

full-sized sedan which does not lack in performance. It is quite affordable

and is offered in different colors.

6- Chevrolet Camaro from “Captain America”

This is an affordable sports car which comes with a standard and 3

separate available engines. The standard is a 4-cylinder turbocharged 275

hp engine whereas the others are a V-6 335 hp, a V-8 455 hp and a V-8

650 hp engine respectively. All the engines deliver excellent power. The

handling of the car is pretty stable and the seats are extremely supportive.

It also has more cargo space than it’s rivals. The infotainment system

contains a WiFi hotspot, a 7-inch touchscreen, wireless device charging, a

sunroof, navigation, satellite radio, a 6-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, 2

USB ports and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The

infotainment system is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Overall, it is a very compelling ride.

7- Audi TTS Roadster from “Spider-Man”

This is another sports car which is an intelligent blend of attractive look,

affordable running costs and excellent quality interior. The Roadster offers

an array of 4-cylinder petrol engines, front or 4-wheel drives and manual or

automatic transmissions. It has a super light handling. A lot of adjustment

options are available for steering wheel and supportive seats which makes

the interior comfortable. The infotainment system includes a 12.3 inch color

display, instrument dials, USB port and satellite radio. The interior is made

of high-build quality. It is a multi-talented car which feels amazing to drive.

These Supercars have our hearts! Which one of them is your favorite?

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