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8 elements that will help you enrich your web positioning

Today I will not give any more preamble and go directly to these elements that you are surely leaving out in your search engines’ positioning strategy.

Improve your web positioning strategy!

In theory, you are supposed to already have the basics of SEO, so I will not stop to talk about things that I mentioned before, if you do not have much knowledge you can find a lot of information about optimization of your website for success and online visibility. Besides, it is also important for every small business owner to know technical knowledge about Search Engine Optimization.

Suppose you are already well into the strategy, well then you must analyze each semicolon within your website, there may be certain elements that you are forgetting such as:

Analyze internal links

Analyze the number of internal links that each of your URLs has. With a wonderful tool called Search Console, you can see what is more and less indexed, this will help you focus on the pages where you want to add more links in order of importance. Are you having a compact and messed up office, consult Litman Construction to reconstruct your office and manage your workspace in it. 

Check the validity of your links

Surely it has happened to you, but on some occasions, some links can be broken, and for our bad luck Google considers all this as negative points. To avoid these situations you can use some tools that will help you to analyze quickly and correct errors.

Evaluate your audiovisual content

It seems that images and videos are totally harmless when it comes to web positioning, so you should evaluate each of these elements to optimize or eliminate them. Did you know that the loading time of your website can considerably affect the positioning of your page?

Optimize JavaScript

Identify how many JavaScript your page loads, if there are too many, try to unify them so that you have as few as possible, you can do this with tools such as JS and CSS optimizer.

Use Crawl and analyze your site

With a Crawl tool, you can analyze even the most hidden place of your website looking for errors of all kinds, this tool I love since it gives you practically hair and signals helping a lot to the web positioning. Screaming frog can help you as much as me? On issues like duplicate content, indexing errors, and crashes. However, computer works can be quite stressful, but dedication and consistency are what can take your business to the next level. 

Forget about Caches

When you have a system that helps to eliminate the cache, everything loads much faster, for this you can use W3 Total Cache or Super cache for pages made in WordPress. When it is already installed then you must install Gzip so that your site is compressed and weighs much less.

Optimize for robots.txt

Optimize your robots.txt to let search engines know which pages you want to index or not. This way you avoid overloading your server.

Review old content and improve web positioning

I know that sometimes it is a bit tedious to do a job to improve what we have already done, however, and even if you don’t think so, optimizing the content that you published a couple of years ago will help you with web positioning, it will help you to maintain and maintain to recover since you will give a turn in the eyes of Google and in front of the audience.

For all the above it is necessary to leave the heavy lifting to a Digital Marketing Agency, so get close to the professionals.

Harshvarshan Jha
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