8 Hours on Office Chairs, Danger for Your Health

Do you work as an office worker? Sitting in a chair for an average of 8 hours in an office chair in front of a monitor is certainly not a strange thing.

Unconsciously, most of your work can be done more by sitting in a chair than by standing, and your body is moving a bit.

In fact, many studies reveal the dangers of sitting too long. Now, so that you can avoid or minimize the danger, pay attention to the following summary.

Increased risk of cancer

According to research from the American Association for Cancer, women who sit too long are at increased risk of developing breast cancer and cancer of the lining of the womb.

Of the 29,000 women screened, those who were not actively moving, at work and during exercise, had a 2.4% risk of developing breast and uterine wall cancer.

Reduce Cholesterol level

There is good cholesterol and it is beneficial for the body, there is also bad cholesterol. According to research, sitting too long can actually lower good cholesterol. It is certainly something harmful to your health.

According to a specialist, after a two-hour session, the HDL level will drop by 20%. Therefore, ideally, one should move at least once every two hours. The longer you sit, the greater the risk of developing the disease.

Vulnerable body obesity

According to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men who spend a lot of time sitting are at increased risk for obesity. Although they are already active in the sport and feel fit, this is no exception. This is demonstrated by the size of the waist and the amount of fat in the body.

Risk of back pain

Another problem that can affect you is back pain. According to physical therapists, when you sit for a long time, your spine supports 6-7 times more weight than when standing. It is not only a matter of time, the sitting position also influences the discomfort in the back.

Back pain can occur due to traction and stretching of the spine. If this happens repeatedly and over a long period of time, it will cause weakness which will cause pain.

If not resolved immediately, the effect may be prolonged. The ligaments can put pressure on the nerves. The bone bearings will be thinner and can pinch the nerves. The impact can come on the operation.

Prone to heart disease and diabetes

There are still many other health problems that can arise from this single cause, such as heart disease and diabetes. When you sit too long, your insulin levels drop by 40%. In other words, the risk of diabetes may increase.

Use Right Sitting Posture

There are a few tips you can apply so that long sitting habits don’t lead to health problems.

The most ideal position in front of the computer is to sit up straight with an angle of 90 degrees. Relax your shoulders. Align your eyes with the center of the screen. If you must proliferate, do not leave a distance between your back and the chair.

Use comfortable office chairs and computer desks: If you want to buy a new office chair, you can visit Back Pain Chairs Lab. On this online shopping site, several options of chairs and tables are recommended.

Use the alarm to remind you not to fall asleep while sitting for a long time. With the presence of this alarm, you will get used to moving your body regularly.

Do light activities while standing. You can also deliberately get up and walk to simply move your limbs. Doing a simple exercise will be very helpful.

Avoid sending emails or text messages to people in the same room or in a room near you. Although less time efficient, it will encourage you to move more. Take the time to speak briefly to your co-workers while you are standing or walking.

Do not leave food and drink on the boy in the office unless you are forced to. Going to the cafeteria for lunch is an opportunity you should take advantage of.

Influence your mental health! In addition to these various health problems, sitting too long in an office chair can also cause depression. Why is it

Not because you are wasting time interacting with other people. Being too focused on work will cause you to lose your social life, which can trigger depression.

In addition, blood flow to the brain is not smoothed and may even fail. As a result, the oxygen supply is reduced. If this is the case, you will feel uninspired or sleepy.

Despite your efforts, your productivity will certainly not be maximum. Therefore, sitting too long while working in the office has proven to be very dangerous for our bodies.

Fortunately, these dangers can only be avoided by simple activities. Come on, move!

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