A Complete Guide on Fullerton India Instant Personal Loan App

A personal loan app is an excellent and hassle-free option to raise money for various financial needs. There are various private lenders, NBFCs & financial institutions available which provide loans at lower interest rates. The loan amount offered by multiple lenders, these loans are available for both self-employed and salaried employees.

The required amount of loan come with a quick approval process. After verification, the amount is disbursed into your personal savings account within a couple of business hours. Further, it is unsecured, which means that you do not have to keep any asset, like your home or gold, with the lender to avail it. 

Various loan apps provide such loans to cover unexpected expenses, such as financing a marriage, an emergency trip, high education fees, medical treatment, and many more. One of the popular loan apps is the Fullerton India Instaloan app. This is a personal loan app that grants instant loans for different purposes. Here, you can acquire a loan amount up to Rs. 25 lakhs* with a flexible repayment period of up to 60 months.

A Step-by-step Guide On Getting An Instant Loan From Fullerton India App

In previous times if you need money you, there is a long process and also get approval on loan for a longer time. But nowadays, you can easily apply for a loan from the comfort of your home or office, all the thanks to these loan apps. All you need to apply for the loan is a mobile either android or IOS device and a working internet connection, and the loan amount will be instantly credited after complete verification of your application.

Let’s check out the following guide on how to avail of an instant personal loan from the Fullerton India Instaloan app.

  1. First, download the app from Google or Apple play store and register yourself.
  2. Examine your eligibility for the loan with a simple-to-use online eligibility calculator. Also, ensure that your CIBIL score is strong enough to help you grab a great deal on loan interest rates.
  3. Next, upload all the required documents, such as your identity and address proof, age proof, last three months’ salary slips, bank statements, IT returns, employment and income proof, etc.
  4. Enter all the loan details, like the amount you want to get and the period of repayment. Remember, the loan amount you choose depends on multiple factors, like your credit score, age, existing debt, and income.
  5. You can use the loan interest calculator to determine the interest rates that the lender will charge on your loan. This usually starts at 12.99% and can go up to 36%.
  6. Once all the formalities are done, submit the loan application and wait for the approval.
  7. After receiving the application, the lender will examine it and assess the risks associated with the lending. Further, through this app, you can continuously keep a check on the current status of your instant personal loan application process.
  8. If the lender is satisfied with the details, the loan will be disbursed to your savings account within the next 24 hours.

Hence, compared to traditional lenders, these instant personal loan apps allow a prompt and straightforward disbursal of loans to the borrowers. The full amount of loan is transferred digitally, and there is no need to visit the branch or office of the lender. Just a click on your mobile and apply for the loan. Also, there is a facility to track the status of the loan.

So, loan apps are a more convenient method to get a loan disbursed instantly. Moreover, you can get this done anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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