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A Guide to Translation of English Birth Certificate

At the time of applying in an educational institute or to apply for a visa or passport, a certified translation of birth certificate becomes important. To get accurate translations, it is very important to have your English birth certificate translation by an accredited translation agency.

This guide shares every bit of information important and relevant to the translation of English birth certificates. Is it difficult to translate English into different languages? How English is different from other languages such as Japanese, Dutch, French, etc.? You will get answers to all these questions in this guide. So, let’s get started!

Is it difficult to translate English into different languages?

As translation means to find an equivalent meaning of a word or sentence in a different language, at times, translation of documents becomes difficult, especially when the source and target languages are not closely related. Because the language in which you are going to translate the document does not have the exact equivalent words. If we consider the translation of English into other languages, sometimes the translation becomes a bit challenging. There are several reasons behind that. In English, there are some words that have different meanings. In this case, it becomes important to understand the context of the sentence in which that word is used.

Due to cultural differences in the languages, it becomes difficult to translate English into other languages. To overcome this, translators need to make a lot of effort to find an equivalent. They should understand both grammar and culture. Moreover, every sentence in English has a specific structure in which there is a subject, object, and verb. Translation of English into other languages may become complicated because not all languages have this type of structure in their sentences.

Remember, every language has its own restrictions. These restrictions may play a huge role in creating a good or average translation.

How English is different from other languages?

If we compare English with French, there are some words that are pronounced the same in b both languages, but such words have different meanings. In French and English, although there are silent letters but not the same letters are silent. Comparing English with Dutch, auxiliary verbs are present in English but not in Dutch. For example, the verb ‘do’ is present in English but in Dutch.

English is also different from the Japanese language in terms of the intonation system, sentence structure, alphabets, vowels, and phonology. As in Dutch, auxiliary verbs are not present; similarly in the Japanese language, auxiliary verbs are missing while they are present in English.

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