Android Multi Tool

Android Multi-Tool:

Android multi-tool for android devices is quite popular for obvious reasons. Having a smart cell or android device makes such conditions in which you need some apps to unlock the intended password. In a nutshell, an ultimate multi-tool is a free software program that lets the users to efficiently reset and unlock various locks! You can use it to unlock face gesture lock, pin passwords, and more.

By the virtue of this android multi-tool, you can unlock any android phone in seconds by scooting Stock Firmware. Moreover, this user-friendly operation is what makes you stick to it. Before using this app, first of all, you need to know how it works and what it offers? So, let’s check out what are some of the main features provided by this ace tool.

Highlighted Features Of Android Multi-Tool:

  • Reset the pin lock.
  • Reset Face Lock.
  • Reset your G-mail Account.
  • Reset Fingerprint permitted to your device.
  • Clean your data Completely.
  • Reboot the android cellphone.
  • Gather the information regarding its software and hardware.
  • It Provides an interface that’s easy to utilize.

Prevent Malware attacks.

And So on.

What are the requirements to run android multi-tool on your computer?

However, in order to run this software on your PC system, you have to have the following specifications for smooth output. There are:

PC with Windows 7,8, 8.1, and 10.

A USB wire to attach.

Ace internet service, in working.

Most important, android drivers to connect the cell to the system.

 How can you wipe out your data using android multi-tool?

First of all, install this app on your system. Furthermore, make sure to have a powerful net connection followed by the recommended configuration. Next up, is to debug the USB on the andiron cell. This option you will find in settings> developers’ options>, and USB debugging. By pressing the volume and power button at a time, you will see a menu board pop up on your cell’s screen. The next step is to connect your cell to the PC via USB. Press 5 and enter button so that your cell restart. This is the simple way to reset your cell phone using android multi-tool.


Undoubtedly, having an android multi-tool in this era in not less than a blessing itself. Keep your data safe and up-to-date with the help of this tool and this makes your soft actions easier than before.

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