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Baking is a fulfilling endeavour that promises a sweet treat at the end. Some do it for pleasure, some as a stress-buster, and others embrace it as their career. Whatever be the reason, it is still a pleasurable venture. 

Baking is an art, as echoed by millions around the world. It is a craft that one has to perfect over time. It is the cooking method closest to science as it involves specific formulas and portion sizes to give the intended results. This nature of baking demands suitable tools and equipment. For example, KitchenAid Mixers, Blenders, whisks, and other tools are considered a staple requirement by bakers. 

Baked goods are the stuff of dreams. It is a trusted way for an instant dopamine-hit. Whether to make that famous Australian Lamingtons or pies, these tools make the process easier. 

Here is a list of essential kitchen tools and equipment necessary for baking. 

  1. Hand Mixer:

A mixer is a human-made but a seemingly god-sent solution for arm pain woes. Ever tried whisking the egg whites till they form soft peaks? The results may be alluring, but one achieves at the cost of sore biceps. It is unlikely that people would see it as a workout; electric appliances can make the job easier. Kitchenaid mixers are capable of aiding anything from cream cheese to frosting. 

The benefits of substituting hand whisking with mixers are:

  • Reduces prep time considerably:- Hand-whisking takes up more time comparatively. 
  • No manual strain:- The machine does all the work, and there is no need to stress oneself with the task of whisking. 
  • Excellent results:- Mixers give better results as the speed can be adjusted to suit different recipes to get the intended texture, consistency, or colour.  
  • Huge batches:- If one is making desserts for a group of people or a party, it is easier to trust mixers to do the job. It can process large portions in a short amount of time.  

New mixer models come with the benefit of add-ons like dough hooks and different types of whisks. This quality makes them handy to use in several recipes. They also feature different, alluring colours that contribute to an aesthetic addition to the kitchen counter. 

Stand mixers are undoubtedly easy to use, and they are durable enough to handle huge portions. It is a one-man-army that takes care of various tasks and saves the users a lot of trouble. One can prepare anything from cakes to pasta dough using this appliance. 

  1. Whisk

One of the primary tasks in baking is mixing or combining different ingredients. The whole recipe’s result rests on the quality of the ratio of ingredients, mixing of the dough, salt, egg, cocoa powder, etc. Hence it is an indispensable part of any baking venture. Mixing dry ingredients well is integral to the consistency and texture of desserts.

  1. Juicer

A juicer helps squeeze that lemon or an orange for a lemon cake or an orange pudding. Using hands may not give the best results as most of the juice is not extracted. But using a juicer helps collect all the juices and to do it quickly. The sieve also prevents seeds from being mixed in the batter. 


Baking should be enjoyable as much as it is an exhausting task. Using the appropriate tools and equipment helps make it so. So, do not think twice about investing in quality kitchenware, which will prove a vital addition to the kitchen family.  

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