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Basic Facts For A Drupal Web Developers

It has become well-known information by now that Drupal is one of the most flexible CMS out there. When you delve deep into its code and start to make customizations you’ll be known as a Drupal Developer. Here are some facts that you should follow as its developer.

Top 10 facts that Every Drupal Developer Should Know:

  1. Command-Line Interface:

Command-Line interfaces have existed ever since the dawn of computers. One might think that they wouldn’t be so important now. But that is not the case. Know how to use Drush and implementing it in your daily Drupal development practices makes a lot of tasks more efficient.

  1. Twig Templating Engine:

While it would be of great benefit to a Drupal Web developer to have knowledge about templating in general, one such engine Twig has become a very important gem in Drupal. That is because with Drupal 8 it moved to the Symfony framework, making the knowledge of Twig a necessity in regards to the development of Drupal 8.

  1. Knowledge of PHP and Its Framework: 

It is the most used programming language in the world WWW and also the language upon which Drupal is built up. It utterly means that a Drupal developer should not only be familiar with PHP but also be open to learning and adopting PHP frameworks.

  1. Package Managers:

Package Managers have made a lot of the work easy for developers of all types. It has made the installation of external libraries and frameworks much easier. Presently the most famous one is the composer, through which you can easily install tools like Drush and efficiently manage dependencies.

  1. Drupal Security Knowledge:

Drupal is considered as one of the most secure CMS, being an open-source software it is no oddity to security threats. Although the security team over at Drupal works tirelessly working to keep up with updated threats and push out patches and updates.

6.Knowledge of Drupal Modules:

Knowing beforehand what modules are used for the most common functionalities saves significant time for a developer.

7.Core Functioning of Drupal:

It is always a better idea to have a basic knowledge of CMS in general. Having knowledge of how Drupal works and the flow of things as a Drupal Web Developer could prove to be a huge difference between a good developer and an average developer.

7.Theming :

Theming is another important aspect of Drupal. Having a perfectly well functioning site, it would all go to waste if it doesn’t look good. It is most important for a developer to have knowledge of Drupal’s theming and how it works. Most of the time customers require some kind of customizations to pre-built themes in order to tailor them to their needs.


Debugging is an important skill that every developer should know and be comfortable with. It not only saves time by pointing you directly to the source of error, but it can also help in avoiding a lot of frustration.

10.Contributing to the Community:

Being an open-source project, Drupal thrives because of its amazing community. So it is highly advised to every Drupal developer out there to start contributing to Drupal in any way you can, not only does this help Drupal, but also gets you more exposure in retrospect.

Those were some of the points that every Drupal developer should know. Being a Drupal Web Developer you should mind the above-discussed facts while creating something using this community.

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