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Becoming a Bodybuilder

Some people head to the gym to get in better shape and become healthier human beings. Others go there intending to become a bodybuilder. Some aim to compete in a bodybuilder competition, while others want to sculpt more defined muscles. Either way, every bodybuilder will start the same.


Someone starting in bodybuilding will need to set specific preparations to set themselves up for success.

Every plan for a bodybuilder needs to focus on two things; diet and exercise. More specifically, they must concentrate on cutting body fat and increasing muscle mass. Bodybuilders differ from those who practice CrossFit because they focus on specific muscle groups rather than their total body.

Those who are just starting in the world of bodybuilding may want to look into meeting with a dietician so they can prepare their food plan to help them on the journey of gaining muscle mass. They will also need to either get a gym membership or invest in a set of machines and free weights for their home. Either way, it is vital to have access to various barbells, dumbbells, and weight machines to aid in building muscle.

To become a bodybuilder, a person must schedule training sessions at least three times a week with two days of rest in between. This is the best way to ensure their muscles get adequate recovery time so they do not get overtrained.


Strength training is only half the battle when it comes to bodybuilding. It is also crucial to know what one is eating while training. If they are training hard but eating unhealthy foods, they will not see the results they want.

First, it is essential to ensure a bodybuilder is consuming plenty of protein. There are many ways they can ensure they are eating enough protein. Most turn to the best protein powder, while others may look into lean proteins such as chicken and fish.

The second important factor in a bodybuilder’s diet is carbohydrates which should make up about half of their diet. Therefore, they should avoid carbohydrates that are full of sugar and are more processed. Instead, healthy options such as grains, fruits, and vegetables will give a bodybuilder the proper amount of carbohydrates. They should consume about five to seven servings of these healthy carbs daily. Meanwhile, fats such as seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils should only make up about one-quarter of their diet.

A bodybuilder should eat at least three meals a day, but they may see more benefits if they eat smaller meals and add healthy snacks. They also must ensure they consume enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially after a workout.


The second part of bodybuilding is the workouts. This is where the muscles get all the attention. The best way for a person to build muscle is to concentrate on high weights with low repetition.

It would be best to start with basic exercises for each body part and do three sets of eight to twelve reps for each. The areas most bodybuilders focus on would be first the back, which would include some pulldown movement, most likely seated. They will also work on their arms which, for beginners, may find cable curls with tricep pushdowns a great place to start.

Of course, a bodybuilder cannot forget leg day. Simple exercises such as leg curls, leg extensions, and leg and calf presses are great for beginners to strengthen their legs. Finally, they will focus on their abs and core strength. One of the best beginner-friendly exercises includes hanging abs leg raises with straps. It helps in working their entire core and helps in creating definitions. Every workout should always end with about twenty minutes of cardio to cool down.

As a bodybuilder continues to work out, they will notice their muscles adapting to each exercise, and once they find that their strength and muscle growth are plateauing, they will need to switch it up.

Progress in bodybuilding is a gradual thing. Therefore, they should not push themselves and allow their body to adjust to rigorous training and a strict diet.

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