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Best Palestinian Charities

As Israel intensifies its offensive over Gaza, randomly destroying buildings including a 12-story structure and leaving hundreds dead, Palestinian families are buried under tragedy.

Over the course of the week, Israeli airstrikes have killed nearly 200 Palestinians and injured more than 1,200 others. This unthinkable violence has left hospitals and emergency services reeling under the pressure of the need for immediate aid.

Before dawn, in few minutes, dozens of Israeli strikes bombarded the crowded coastal Palestinian enclave controlled by Hamas, according to the army and AFP journalists. Flames lit up the sky as severe explosions shook Gaza city, sparking widespread power cuts and harming hundreds of buildings, local authorities said. No casualties were instantly reported.

While social media can raise voice by amplifying critical, credible voices, you can also make a real change on the ground by extending monetary and material help to Palestinians. You can give Palestine donation or charity through different organizations. 

  • Health and Medical Care

With an ongoing crisis in Gaza, the health system is under a lot of pressure due to a lack of medical supplies. Show your support for the people in need by donating medical equipment—for example, a First aid box, ventilators, dialysis machines, and many more. You can donate medical equipment to any authentic organization. 

  • Fuel for Medical Centers

Palestine is suffering from an electricity crisis in Gaza as the power is cut for more than 20 hours each day. Due to this, medical facilities are left in disarray as their medical equipment risks being turned off, putting many lives at risk. They’re relying forcefully on generators that are overused; they usually burn out quickly.

You can provide the fuel or donate a reasonable amount to keep the generator going in the hospital.

  • Provide Food Parcel

Now a day, Palestinian cannot afford nutritious food. Many families in Palestine are relying solely on the external agencies and generosity of strangers to secure at least one meal a day for them. You can provide food parcels, which contains long-life meal to last one family an entire month. From your donation of a food parcel, a vulnerable Gazan family is protected from hunger and malnutrition. 

  • Water Tank

Because of this critical condition, many Gazan families cannot afford to buy a water bottle. As water is essential for the human body, Palestinians are forced to drink contaminated water, which is quite risky for their lives. You can provide a Water tank (fill with water) to needy groups so that they fulfill their daily water needs.

You can give your charities through proper channels or valid organizations to Palestine. 

We’re going to hit some Valid Organization to which you can give your charity. 

Baitussalam Welfare Trust

All donations and aid given to Baitussalam reach Palestine directly through their collaborations with the Turkish Diyanet Foundation, Turkish Red Crescent, and various other Turkish governmental organizations with teams positioned in Palestine.

Baitussalam is involved in delivering first aid medical relief to those in need, which includes the provision of ambulances that will be active on the Palestine ground shortly. They’re also currently involved in giving food rations, including ready-cooked meals, to those affected.

Bank details are as follow:

Account Title: Baitussalam Welfare Trust


Account Number: 0127-0102494084

IBAN: PK22MEZN0001270102494084



Account Number: 0127-0102494031

IBAN: PK95MEZN0001270102494031


Fatih Foundation

The Fatih Foundation organization is registered under the FBR registered and the Society Registration Act of 1860. According to Faith foundation representative, Fatih Foundation has signed verified MoU’s with Turkish organizations, including the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Minber-i-Aqsa, and Ummet Vakfi help Palestine.

You can donate on:

Account Title: Fatih Foundation

Meezan Bank

Account Number: 0104-0104885574

IBAN: PK44MEZN00 0104 0104885574

They also accept donations through Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa services.

Jazz Cash Account Title: Owais Hassan

Account Number: 0312 2793362

Easy Paisa Account Title: Owais Hassan

Account Number: 0312 2793362

Edhi Foundation

You can also give your charities to the Edhi foundation. Faisal Edhi has announced that he has submitted a visa request with the Palestinian embassy in Pakistan to fly to Palestine and help out the country that has been under attack by the Israeli forces.

Faisal said that his organization would buy medicine and food from Egypt, adding that the foundation has managed a budget of “Rs25-30 million” for the purpose. 

“We don’t want any support from the government as we’ll do everything with the help of people,” vowed Edhi. However, he added that the 5 people visiting the country would be in contact with the Pakistani embassy in Cairo.

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