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Best Tips To Effectively Use AC in Your Home

If you have an AC that you want to work efficiently this summer in India, then you can do that by following some basic tips. 

Many people are not aware of using an air conditioner the best way, and it leads to AC not cooling enough to beat the heat. 

Here are some tips to get ultimate cooling for your room. Just follow the tips which mentioned below then your old AC will work as a best AC forever.

Without much ado, here is a post with the best tips to avoid all blemishes and use your AC efficiently. Read on!

  • If you are yet to buy an AC this summer, the best type will be going for inverter ACs. The initial investment may be higher than a standard split/window AC, but it is great in the long run. Why? It will help you save on your monthly power bills. 
  • If you already have an AC, then you should ensure to clean its filters every 1-2 weeks if you use the machine regularly. Having a clean filter will let airflow to pass smoothly to the coils. This way, an AC may take less time to cool your room, leading to power savings. 
  • You should set the AC temperature between 24-25 degrees. Setting the AC temperature at 18 degrees will not let air from vents coming out cooler. It means that the compressor will work till the room temperature dips to 18 degrees. It means spending a larger amount on the light bills if you blast ACs on lower temperatures. 
  • Always know that your AC will depend on certain factors to cool down your room such as room’s area, glass covered area, a floor that you live in and if you face west or east. It will also depend on how many electrical devices emitting heat during operation are in your AC room, room insulations and number of people. 
  • Many people prefer using a fan to circulate the cool air being thrown by your AC to cool the room fast. It may be good practice. But if you are living on a top floor, then the fan’s air may negate the cooling effect of your air conditioner. It may work if you don’t live on the top floor of the home. 
  • Do not keep opening and closing the doors of your room where the AC is operating. When you do that frequently, it will keep getting a gush of warm air from outside and make the inside cooling effect wane gradually. It will also mean that you will need to run the AC for a longer time leading to power bills surging. 
  • While installing a window AC, many people do that at a lower level on walls. You should know that it is not an ideal position to install a window AC. Why? It is because warm air is always lighter, and it rises towards the ceiling. Thus, if you are installing a window AC at a reduced height, then you may not experience cooling to be quick. It is primarily because doing that will mean struggling to seek warm air from the top position. 

The best tips to ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently are discussed. You can follow it religiously if you wish to get your AC working at its best capacity and still being able to help you save big on your electricity bills in India. 

If you are buying an air conditioner this summer in India, then it will be recommended to shop around to be able to bring home the best one matching your needs and budget. You may also read an AC buying guide for better help and guidance on the right choice for your need. The starting price of an AC in India begins at around Rs.25,000, and it may be around Rs.5,000 less if you are installing a window AC in your room.     

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