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South Africa saw a significant drop in motor vehicle crime during the nationwide shutdown, with activity returning to normal levels with the country’s restrictions lifted.

Car Tracking data shows an 89% reduction in the number of vehicle recovery activities nationwide in the first week of the lockdown, compared to the average weekly vehicle recovery activities before the lockdown.

This is in line with a preliminary police report that noted a decrease in three crimes, namely car and truck hijacking, business thefts and home burglaries.

Criminal activity related to vehicles is increasing as the country’s restrictions are lifted. As the lockdown was extended, the number of vehicle recovery activities increased almost threefold from the first week of the lockdown.

The first week of Level 4 restrictions saw vehicle recovery activity more than double from the lockdown extension’s numbers, representing a six-fold increase from the first week of lockdown to numbers that don’t. are more than one. 34% less than pre-lock averages.

Vehicle-related criminal activity is expected to increase further, to return to the same levels, if not more, as South Africans return to work and criminals resume their activities.

In the first three weeks of the lockdown, hijackings attributed a higher percentage of tracked vehicle recovery activity compared to theft.

The average pre-COVID-19 follow-up for kidnappings and thefts is a 49/51% split. The initial lockdown period saw an average of 63/37% split in favor of kidnappings.

This returned to a more even division during the extended lockdown period where an increase in vehicle movement was noted with more citizens on the road as regulations were relaxed.

The tendency for kidnappings during lockdown is likely an opportunistic tactic in which criminals take advantage of vehicles in the open, while most other vehicles would have been safely locked away.

Benefits of CAR TRACKING Device

Versatile networks

Data transmission can be done via wireless networks, mobile telephony, satellite communications … or via both types of connections. It works as a useful safety device in case one of the networks goes down.

Real time means real time

In a few seconds, the information is transmitted from the vehicle to the management centre; this is classified in real time. It also means that management and / or software can control the vehicle remotely, telling the driver where to go in case the vehicle deviates from the planned route, calculating the fastest and most fuel efficient route. . real time to suggest the necessary adjustments.

Automatic reassignment

Given the changing location of vehicles in the fleet and the influx of new orders, tasks can be reallocated in real time based on profitability, fuel efficiency and driving hours.

Compliance with labour laws.

An active vehicle monitoring system can trigger alerts when a driver exceeds his quota of driving hours, ensuring better respect for labour law and greater safety.

Precise information on delivery time

Customers can be automatically notified of the expected delivery time and expected delays if anything unexpected happens. This dramatically reduces the number of delivery failures and improves customer satisfaction.

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