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Most businesses have started functioning again, providing customers with the required services. While some staffs keep working remotely, most of them are gradually getting on with their old routine. Now, the management must implement new regulations to prevent the spreading of the virus and maintain general office hygiene. If you are a business owner and wondering how can you make your office space more secure for the staff, continue reading this article to learn more.

Masks are Mandatory: Some rules should not be done away with just yet. Now that the vaccine is out, you can let your hair down a bit, sure! But don’t skip wearing masks just yet. Like they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Wearing masks is what kept the spread of the virus under control, so you should definitely make it a mandatory rule for the office staff to wear masks to ensure the safety of their own and others.

Social Distancing: If you run a business that requires people to gather at a single place, make sure you find the solutions to spread the same people. You don’t want to create a gathering at a time like this. Employ more people to assist the buyers, so that they know about the new arrangements. 

  • You may print signs to provide information about COVID-19 and safety guidelines to help people navigate spaces. Another interesting way to remind people to maintain social distancing is to add floor graphics that tell everywhere where to stand and which route to follow. 
  • Install hand sanitizing stations at the office entrance so that everyone is reminded to sanitize their hands. Try to limit gathering at common areas such as lifts, corridors, canteens and restrooms. 

Food Corners: Most offices have canteens or snack corners where employees gather to have light-hearted conversations and the hard dosage of caffeine. Now, a lot of the times, a bowl of snacks just lie there, gathering unimaginable virus and what not! Things like these need to change in a post-Covid world. You cannot, with your good conscience, eat those items and not fear for your health. Avoid sharing your food with others and vice versa. There are plenty of ways to be social, but when it comes to sharing food, better keep it to yourself. 

Elbow Bump: Handshakes are a common occurrence in office spaces; you sign a deal and shake on it as it is an age-old custom that creates bonds and indicates firmness. Well! All that is about to change, or has already changed. In this new age, show your confidence with your body language and a firm ‘elbow bump’. 

 If the office elevator can carry eight people, make sure during and post-Covid, only half of the people are getting on each time to ensure safety. Take a positive measure to decrease the flow of traffic in your office building at any given time. If possible, maintain a different call time for employees to avoid gathering in the common area. Many companies are changing their architectural design to provide the staff with their personalized zone. Figure out innovative ways to create a space shielded enough for the people to work without worry.

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