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Choose the Right Hair Dryer for your Hair

Dryers are the kings of our hairstyles, especially when it starts to get cold. We can find dryers of all kinds, from the smallest of travel to professional dryers of great power. The needs of each hair will determine the type of dryer we need, as well as the use we must give it.

Size Matters

When we are going to choose the best hair dryer we find dozens of models, from the compact ones for traveling, going through the domestic ones, to the most voluminous professionals. The size is generally affects the drying power. In addition, the largest will surely be the heaviest and this is a factor to take into account, since if you are one of those who use the dryer to create hairstyles, sooner or later you will end up tired of using a freehand dryer that weighs a lot. In any case, the precision of the elements is something that Hair Dryer brands are improving day by day.

What’s that watts of power?

The power is converted into the competence of the dryer to produce air and heat. It is one of the main parameters when evaluating the purchase of one or the other model, and we can find them approximately between 1000 and 2500 watts. Normally, it is advised to select a hair dryer that provide more power, as it will dry the hair faster. But the power has to be controlled, so in addition to being powerful it has to have controls to properly select the heat level and the air flow. You have to make sure they have various modes of heat and speed. The most powerful ones have at least 3 levels of heat and 2 of air flow. In the technical characteristics of each dryer you can find the minimum and maximum power it offers, so you can choose the model that best suits you. That allows you to select a lower power for daily drying, and a higher power to create more elaborate hairstyles.

What is so much technology for in a dryer?

Hair dryers are becoming more respectful of your hair and use more varied technologies to protect its appearance. The most loved and admired technology in some household dryers is charged ions which you call ionic hair dryers. One or two small ionizers are responsible for emitting negative ions to counteract the positive ones in our hair, as is the case with hair irons. This greatly prevents frizz of hair and static electricity making the hair brighter and smoother. Another of the claims of some ion dryers is that they help hair to dry faster, although there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Ionic technology is usually combined with ceramic or tourmaline.

Ceramic is used for an internal lining thanks to which infrared heat is obtained which is smoother and more constant, therefore less aggressive with the hair. The tourmaline, on the other hand, like in hair irons, emits ions and infrared heat. The result is that, just as with ceramics, it will give a more uniform and less damaging heat. If you want to get the list of best hair dryers in India then click here.

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