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Concrete Floor Polishing – Information & Ideas

Polished Concrete is the process that is becoming the fastest ultimate no wax flooring material. With the ultimate and proper floor grinding equipment and effectiveness, concrete floor polishing contractors can easily grind concrete surfaces, whether it is new or old surfaces & give a glowing look and classy texture that never needs waxes and any sort of coating materials. There are a few factors that are essential to be understood related to superior durability and performance of concrete floors. These factors can impact the concrete floor polishing process whether it is related to office facilities, warehouses for commercial buildings. 

What is Concrete Floor Polishing?

Heavy duty equipment is utilized to grind down concrete floors to get the desired kind of shine and smoothness. Gradually grinding using a polishing concrete process helps contractors to get sanding wood kind of smoothness. This is a new modern technique that saves additional costing, easy to clean and helps you to manage longer life cycle savings. 

If you contact any commercial and retail service providers, this polished concrete will be more resistant to high foot trafficking. You don’t have to worry about moisture transmission issues which could prevent all kinds of accidents and injuries. If you are using this technique in any commercial renovation, this will highlight flexibility and reflectivity and help you to maintain a professional, clean and bright image in front of your customers. So, in many ways, it can be said that it is a sustainable flooring alternative. 

Suitability of Concrete Floor Polishing

If you are eager to know about what kind of concrete is suitable to be polished perfectly, almost all kinds of structurally built and soundly characterized concrete floors can be polished perfectly, whether they are old or new.  To determine the suitability of floor polishing, first you need to understand the requirements of new and old floors. However the floor should be in the way of at least 28 days before starting the polishing process of new concrete. There is no need for new specific mixed designs to achieve expected results. Old and existing floors are required some prior preparation while polishing. A special mixture of polish is required to remove dirt, debris, grease and coatings, etc. Suitability of floor polishing can be measured by the requirements of contractors to determine the solidity, density and reflectivity of polished concrete surfaces. 

Polishing Process

The polishing process begins with the utilization of coarse diamond segments mounted on the top of metallic matrix, this metallic matrix is generally used to remove minor debris, pits, dirt and stains from the surface to give the final look and smoothing impression. The next steps are to give a final look, for this a diamond abrasive embedded matrix is used to give shine and final brightness. Contacting experienced crews and contractors use ever – finer grits of polishing disks, a process called lapping, until the floor can’t get expected sheen. During the polishing process a sealer is used for internal impregnating procedures. It helps to protect concrete from inside out and also eliminates the need of external topical coating. 

Steps of Concrete Floor Polishing Process

A polished concrete floor has a glossy and mirror-like finish. There are a lot of design and polishing options for concrete. You will find a lot of polished concrete available in different colors, patterns, structures and more with saw cuts and embedded aggregates which helps you to understand the reflectivity. As it is easy to maintain and contains lower cost, you can easily use the polishing process to get a classy look, shine and smoothness. 

Many contractors use a combination of both wet and dry polishing methods, in the process of dry polishing, contractor follows internal grinding steps, where the most of concrete is being removed. Once the surface becomes smoother, contractors switch from the metallic bonded to the finer resin-bonded diamond abrasives. It is done to change the dry polishing process into a wet polishing process.  

Ideas to use Floor polishing process

  • This method can be used to remove existing coatings from thick coatings using a 16 to 20 grit diamond bit mounted tool specially to remove thick coatings such as grease, t – rex.
  • If there are any cracks or joints, then it can be sealed  with an utilization of epoxy or any other semi-rigid fillers.
  • Grinding can be done with 30 – 40 grit metal bonded diamond to remove less challenging debris and dirt while doing floor polishing.
  • Grinding with the 150 – grit metal bonded diamond can help you to remove hard and thick debris. You can also apply chemical hardener to densify the concrete and check their solidity.
  • In optional, you can apply a stain guard to keep your floor polishes remaining as it is. It will help to protect the polish of the surface and make it good to maintain.

Tips for getting the best results

In addition to the above mentioned ideas and information, here are some tips from top  notch polished concrete providers to keep your surface look more classy, standardized and smoother. Always ensure that the smooth, reflective and polished surfaces of concrete invites a stunning array of alternatives for colouring, scoring, grids and other designs. For more details you can check out the designs ideas and information given above as well as you can contact experienced contractors to gather more information on how to use Concrete Flooring Polishing process.

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