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Davenport Finance Helps Consumers through COVID-19 with Personal Loans

Having problems paying my credit installments due to the COVID-19 crisis. What should I do?

If you run into payment difficulties, you should act as soon as possible, because now you have to avoid additional high costs!

Please seek a conversation with your lender (bank, leasing company, Credit Card Company) as soon as possible! The best thing to do is to contact your lender before you default.

You can only avoid significant additional costs, such as high interest on late payments and expensive reminder fees, through a joint agreement with the latter.

The domestic building societies have already started operating and are offering customers in financial difficulties that home savings loans will be deferred. For example, a large building society gives its customers the opportunity to suspend repayments for up to six months and only pay the loan interest during this period. In this way such Finance platforms are there to support every problem of yours in these days also the BLM.

No matter which measure appears to be suitable for you, your lender must inform you of all the financial consequences that result, without charging fees. If you get into a debt situation from which you can no longer see any way out, please contact a state-recognized debt counseling center. We recommend Davenport Finance for this purpose.

Information on the possibility of suspending credit installments

Consumers and micro-businesses can contact their bank and request credit deferral if they experience a serious loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of a deferral, the credit installments are suspended for 3 months. In this way, COVID-19-related defaults can be cushioned and the credit installments repaid later.

Beware of scammers (Show content for beware of fraudsters)

If you receive an offer, read the offer conditions carefully. Be especially vigilant about electronic messages and online services that you have never used before.

You can recognize fraud, for example, by the fact that an offer makes too good an impression, excessive pressure is exerted on you or you are asked to disclose personal data such as user name, password, personal information, or account details.

In view of the ongoing corona pandemic, Davenport Finance has taken extensive precautions to protect employees, customers, and business partners from infection as far as possible through their personal loan service. At the same time, we do everything we can to continue to be available to our customers and business partners throughout the country with our advice, services, and products.

We keep our branch network open for this but have reduced the number of branches in operation due to the crisis. In our branch and ATM search, you will find our branches and locations open daily.

If in doubt, contact your insurer or broker (Show content for: If doubts arise, contact your insurer or broker)

Your insurer or intermediary should act in your best interest at all times and is obliged to provide you with understandable information in a timely manner.

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