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Defeated against Oracle, Google will sell more expensive android apps

After eight years of the feud, Google was decided to lose to Oracle in the case of copyrighted use of open-source Java software. The software Google uses to build Android since 2009.

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The impact of the defeat is one of them is to make applications and online services made by Google so more expensive for users. That’s because Java is mostly used by developers to build their application programming interface (API / application programming interface).

In fact, Oracle Java API which for years debated can be used for free and can work on various types of devices. This software provides instructions on many things including connecting to the internet or accessing certain file types.

Using the API, programmers do not need to write new code from scratch to implement each function in the software or change it to different devices.

Oracle says its API is available for free for those who want to build applications for computers and mobile devices. But they restrict their use to competing platforms or to be embedded into electronic devices.

Although it provides Android for free on mobile users who adopt its operating system, Google is considered not to provide the software for free.

Three federal Circuit judges in Washington noted that Android has generated more than $ 42 billion in revenue from advertising. He also said that Google did not make any changes to Oracle’s material so that Larry Page’s company was subject to infringement of copyright law.

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With this win, all programmers must pay licenses to Oracle to use their software. If you do not want to pay, they have to develop their own API from scratch.

Google is not the only company losing this decision. Many are relying on Java software to develop their own platforms.