Different Types Of COVID-19 Face Masks And How To Customize Them

The custom printed face masks are in trends all over the world. The spread of COVID-19 has made a face mask a mandatory accessory. If you want to go outside of your home, then you should wear a face mask so that you can prevent yourself from getting infected. 

The disposable face masks may cost you high because every day, you have to buy the new one. Therefore, it is recommended that you should invest in reusable and economic face masks. You can easily wash the reusable face masks and use them again and again. Make sure that you wash your reusable face mask after every use.

The reusable face masks are made up of a special type of fabric that ensures breathability and durability. You can stay comfortable after wearing the face masks for the whole day long. 

The face masks not just ensure protection from the coronavirus, but also offer prevention from dust, pollution, and other pollutants. The face masks will cover your mouth and nose. Therefore, it ensures a good level of protection from the coronavirus.

Different Types Of COVID-19 Face Masks

There are different types of coronavirus face masks available in the market. The face mask you buy should be totally based on your needs and requirements. Here, in this article, we are going to describe the widely popular face masks:  

1. Reusable COVID-19 Face Masks

The reusable coronavirus face masks are widely popular, and they are cost-efficient as well. The reusable face mask may not be as efficient as N95 face masks, but they are capable of providing security from getting infected. 

The reusable face masks provide you an opportunity to transform the plain boring into an interesting one. You can easily customize your face mask with any design and text, photo, and many more.

The custom face mask provides an opportunity for marketers to use these masks for brand awareness. By simply incorporating the brand logo on the face masks, you can use it to spread brand awareness. The print on the reusable face mask should be washable and does not fade away even after many uses. The print over the reusable face mask should be permanent.

2.  Disposable Face Masks

It is clear from its name that the disposable face masks are designed for single use only. The reusable face masks should be discarded after one use. The disposable face masks are not supposed to use again and again. 

The disposable face makes comparatively cheaper than the reusable face mask, but you have to change it after every use. Thus, the disposable face masks cost you more. Another name of reusable face masks is surgical masks, and these types of face masks are used in medical institutes. It is not possible to customize the reusable face masks because they have thin material.  

Customization Of Face Masks 

You can easily customize your face masks in different ways. Some of the ideas are described below. Have a look!

Background Color

You can easily alter the background color of the reusable face masks. It is recommended to choose bright colors such as Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, etc. can be used as the background color. If you do not prefer bright colors, then you can easily add mild colors such as Grey, Black, etc.

Print Photos On Mask

It is possible to print any photo of your choice on the custom face masks. You can print either one photo or multiple photos. You can print the photos with high resolutions. If you print a high-resolution brand logo on your face mask, then it can easily grab the attention of people and can help in spreading awareness about your brand. 

You can print any photo such as your favorite destination, your memories, any celebrity on your custom face mask. You can easily customize your own face mask and make it attractive.

Add Text On Face Mask

You can easily add text on your custom face masks such as your name, your company name, any slogan, favorite sports team name, etc. You just need to search the best printing contractor who can help in transforming your print ideas over your face masks.

Incorporate Emojis on Face Mask

In addition to various ideas that are printed above, you can also print different emojis on your face masks. The emojis or smileys can easily uplift your mask design. It will give a cool appearance to your face mask. The idea of adding emojis is something new and attractive as well. The emojis can give a lively appearance to your face mask.

Final Words

Wear face masks and protect yourself and others from the COVID-19 pandemic. The customization option can help in making your face mask attractive.

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