ED Treatments

ED Treatments: Do Medications Work?

One of the major problems why men fail to treat their erectile dysfunction is the lack of education on this topic. Sex education in some countries and although present or that they have undergone sex education, most men are still uncomfortable about being open to talking about sexual health and certain issues they might be experiencing. There are different types of treatment tools and programs available for erectile dysfunction such as medication, therapy, and such. Most of these are readily available after a prescription. An important part of treating erectile dysfunction is knowing more about it and consulting your doctor.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability in men to sustain an erection that would last long enough for sexual activities or intercourse. The components of erectile dysfunction include the brain, muscles, nerves, blood flow, and emotional health. Any health concern, be it physical or psychological, that affects any of these components can cause erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other illnesses may be the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction. It can also be stress, depression, anxiety, and such. Treating your erectile dysfunction may require treating and managing these concerns first.

One of the most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction is medication. You can shop for tablets as most of these do not require a prescription. However, they will require a brief consultation about your medical history upon buying. It’s best to talk to your doctor first especially when you are taking medications for prior medical health conditions.

Do Medications Work?

Let’s take a look at these available medications: sildenafil, tadalafil, and viagra.


Sildenafil contains the active ingredient also found in Viagra. It is cheaper as you’re not paying for the brand. Sildenafil works by relaxing the blood vessels in your penis and keeping them open for an increased and smooth blood flow. The more blood flow in your penis means you can have a harder and long-lasting erection when you plan to have it. The tablet is taken an hour before you desire to have sex as it can take one hour to wait for the effect to happen. After this, you will have a three hour window time to stimulate erection and perform sexual activities. It does not mean your erection will last for three hours, but any time within these three hours it can take effect. Foreplay and sexual arousal play an important role in the effectiveness of Sildenafil.


Tadalafil works the same way as Sildenafil and Viagra. It also relaxes the blood vessels in your penis and it has the same active ingredient that is contained in Cialis. Its advantage from others is that it lasts for 36 hours, unlike Sildenafil which only lasts for 4 hours. This means you have more window time.

Over-the-counter medication for erectile dysfunction is available and it’s Viagra Connect.

Viagra Connect

Known as the over-the-counter version of Viagra, viagra connect is a non-prescription medication for erectile dysfunction. It stimulates the blood flow in the penis which ensures you a longer-lasting and harder erection. 

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