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Essential Qualities of a Good Mortar

Mortar is a paste that is used during construction projects. It is applied between the bricks during construction to fill the gaps between them or for further decoration purposes. Over the years, the construction industry has improved a lot. New techniques and methods are being used to make the whole process better and efficient. Mortar is something that has been in use for ages and even today it serves a great purpose. It helps in binding the bricks and filling the gaps between the bricks to make them stronger and smoother. There are many types of mortar-like lime-based, cement-based, etc. different types have different qualities and serve different purposes. The best block jointing mortar manufacturer is available in the market from which one can buy their desired mortar for construction purposes.

Essential qualities of a good mortar-

  1. Strength: The strength of the mortar will be judged after it has hardened. A good mortar is one that becomes very hard on drying and helps in keeping the bricks and wall strong. It should help in filling properly the gaps in the walls.
  • A good water retention power: A good water retention power means that the mortar can hold water for longer periods. If the water retention power is less, the water will get separated from the mortar and it will make it difficult for the mortar to get hardened and the overall strength of the mortar will be reduced.
  • Adhesive property: A good mortar is one which has sufficient adhesive property. This property helps in having a strong bond with gaps and bricks to keep them strong and intact. It helps in keeping the walls and bricks together, thereby, making them strong and long-lasting.
  • Waterproof: Mortar is used to keep the walls strong and intact. Therefore, they should be waterproof to not allow water to penetrate it during rainy seasons or otherwise. If the water penetrates, it will weaken the binding power of the mortar and the walls will become weak.
  • Long-lasting: Walls and bricks are the foundation of any building or construction unit. It, therefore, needs to be ensured that the walls are strong and long-lasting. A good mortar is the one that helps in the long-lasting strength of the walls and the binds.
  • No cracks: A good mortar should be consistent and should not lead to cracks and joints in the walls. It should be smooth and make the walls look beautiful and graceful by providing them a consistent base. They should provide a long-lasting excellent appearance of the walls.
  • Economical: Mortar is the most widely used substance while constructing. Therefore, it is important that a good mortar is available at a reasonable and placeable value that helps people in getting the construction work done at the right prices.

A good quality mortar is one that fulfills most of the above-mentioned qualities. One must be careful while buying mortar since it is a very important component of the construction projects. There are many block jointing mortar manufacturer India to allow one to make a wise choice.

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