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Everyday Carry, EDC

Before talking about today’s content, talk about EDC in daily life. To be precise, it is an ordinary person’s necessities for going out. There used to be four major items of money, now in this era of rapid development, is it no longer able to keep up with the changes? ID cards, mobile phones, keys, and cash. The development of mobile payment has basically replaced cash payments. Keys and mobile phones are indispensable, and they are carried every day. When night falls, walking up a staircase and the mobile phone can also be used as a lamp, I believe this is the epitome of most people.

For me, a flashlight is an inseparable device. Whether it’s playing outdoors or taking it with you every day. Always bring a flashlight. There may not be many opportunities for emergency. When I don’t really need to be in an emergency, I want lighting equipment that I can get. Of course, friends who have similar smells play with these little equipment together, and I also need a fun flashlight that I can take. 


In many cases, mobile phone lighting is also ineffective, and keychain flashlights can solve big problems. Small, portable, output lumens, take into account the distance and distance of the mobile phone, light up in seconds, these are the characteristics of the keychain flashlight.

So today’s focus is here. The Olight US Baton 3 keychain flashlight integrates Tiny EDC combo USB charger, with a maximum output of 1200 lumens and 166 meter beam distance, dual direction clips for deep pocket carry, and a small keychain flashlight has many functions, just as a sparrow is small and complete. Admire it.

Olight US ​​has always adhered to the mission of “born for harsh environments”. With professional manufacturing technology and excellent product stability, Olight US has won the trust of thousands of users. At present, Olight US products have been distributed in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Olight US classic EDC series products are loved by thousands of users for their exquisite and compact, stylish appearance, comfortable brightness, convenient carrying and other features. Coupled with excellent waterproof and anti-drop performance, they become an indispensable partner in people’s daily lighting.

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