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Everything You Need To Know About the Role of a Developer

Enterprises are feeling increasing pressure to deploy apps faster and more frequently. This has increased the demand for app developers. Have you ever thought and wondered what app developers do? Does their work require creating an app and that’s all? What type of skills are necessary to successfully develop a app? Read on to find more about it.

An app developer has numerous responsibilities on his/her shoulder. Their job starts with creating the app and testing it for the intended devices. The developer needs to specialize in a particular area as well. 

An app developer is responsible for ensuring that the demands of the customer are met through the deployment of the software and updates. Typically, application developers work on teams that perform the following roles: project managers, system analysts, data scientists, software engineers, graphic designers, UX specialists, and more. A developer, in other words, is a part of a team of software experts who design, create, deploy, update apps for a variety of audiences. Let’s dig into the role of a San Diego app developer and see what their responsibilities entail.

Key Skillset of an App Developer

An application developer has to manage the app licesyle, have extensive knowledge of the coding principles, and offer support and collaboration as and when needed. These are some key skillset developers must fulfill:

  • Coding and Designing 

It’s no brainer, developers must have in-depth knowledge of coding and app design principles. App developers must also be familiar with a programming language(s) for coding the operating system they are designing the app for.

The most common programming languages developers are experienced in include PHP, C++, Java, and Python. 

  • Application Management 

The developer must have app management skills, as well. Consider it to be a soft skill that they must present to manage the app lifecycle, people and processes involved, for smooth deployment of the app and any post-deployment modifications, as and when they arise. 

  • Software Development Life Cycle

The developer must be aware of the software development life cycle by breaking it down through analysis, study, design, coding, testing, launching, and support. Understanding the process helps the developer in handling the entire cycle and coordinate all the necessary services at the right moment.

  • Knowledge of UI and UX 

The success of an app depends on how appreciative it is among customers. This is determined by the user interface and user experience. The developer needs to have user experience and user interface expertise. They must have creative application modeling skills and user interface coding techniques. 

  • Algorithm and Data Structure

Data structuring and optimizing algorithm building helps an app developer to meet the user’s expectations. In other words, these are important counterparts in programming. 

  • Programming Language

The developer must have comprehensive knowledge of all the fundament and high-level programming languages like Objective C, Xcode, SQL, GO RUST, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and more. 

A San Diego app developer may also specialize based on their field of interest. However, they need to have command of a few languages at the same time to remain competitive.

  • Networking and Testing

For an app developer, networking is a necessary skill. Why? Because networking skills help you picture the architecture of the client-server and designing essential protocols and gateways for the infrastructure when they are framing the development process. 

Types of App Developer

After exploring the skillset, now let’s move onto the type of app developers out there.

  • Front End Developer

Front end developers specialize in designing the user interface and user experience. In other words, anything that boosts the aesthetics of the app is handled by front end developers. They have expertise in CSS, HTML, UI framework, JavaScript, and similar other languages. They also have a handful of knowledge in other frameworks like AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Ajax, and more.

  • Back End Developer

They are responsible for the scalability of the app. As the name implies, they work in the backend for integrating app functionalities email systems logging and databases. They know languages like Ruby, Python, Scala, and more.

  • Full-Stack Developer

They expertise in both front end and back end development. They study the server-side and user side requirements.

  • Mobile App Developer

This includes both hybrid and native app developers. They have knowledge of APIs such as windows, android and iOS, mobile app development tools, and languages like C++, Java, and Objective C.

  • Game Developer 

They have expertise in designing and creativity. Their nature of work requires knowledge of various development tools as well as mobile app development technologies. Common frameworks they know in include Unity 3D, OpenGL, WebGL, and DirectX.

  • Embedded Developer

These developers write codes for system hardware like electronic devices, microcontrollers, electronic devices, and more. They know Java, C++, and other related frameworks.

Mandatory Soft Skills  

Apart from strong technical and analytical skills, a San Diego app developer must also have great interpersonal skills. That time is behind us when developers only needed the technical skills to go by. They also need great presentation and communication skills to understand and communicate user requirements. This also includes the ability for comprehending and processing the research data, cooperate and collaborate with teams and having technical expertise in mobile app development. 


The median salary of an app developer in the US ranges between $43,530 to $100,303 per year and beyond. This is greater than the average worldwide. This figure is projected to increase every year because of the ongoing demand.

Apart from this attractive compensation package, developers have a lot of room for growth. To stay competitive in the field, savvy developers continue to upgrade their skills to evolve in the industry. Upgrading the skills exposes them to better opportunities and a better salary with all the best perks included. 

The success of your app develops on what kind of San Diego app developer you choose for your project. If it’s an iOS app, hire a developer who has expertise in iOS app development. Examine their portfolio carefully and interview them to make sure you have the right fit for the job.  

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