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Few Things That Happen When You Don’t Use a Moisturizer

Exfoliate, Moisturize and Sleep it Off – that is the basic, natural progression of skincare order on a day to day basis. Mess with that combination by taking out even one of those processes and be sure that it will show up on your face, which is why they keep harping on using the best organic skincare products on your skin

Time and time again, magazines, bloggers, influencers, and mothers remind you of these three aspects of getting amazingly glowy skin. However, not many of us women take it seriously enough by the time we reach adulthood. The gravity of the news of one’s skin’s health comes blazing at us at a ripe age where we can truly discern the importance of following these three steps. The most important of the three-step skincare, of course, is moisturizing, along with using the best natural products for the skin

The Importance of Moisturizing

In an ideal world, our skin allocates and retains all the moisture that comes the way. But, we’re all far from the reality of this ideal state. The lifestyle we live today creates an environment for us where there’s a severe lack of moisture. 

Moisture is absolutely necessary for the skin’s health, and in order for the skin cells to stay hydrated and maintain its fluid gradients, both inside and out, it needs to be moisturized. 

Without moisture, skin often looks crackly and dehydrated to a point where it looks shriveled up. Without a good amount of moisture present within the skin or be message prone to infection and looks extremely tightened up. Furthermore, it becomes susceptible to pathogens and a repository of toxins. The free radicals present also damage the cells of the skin. 

Here are a few things that happen when you don’t moisturize your skin:

  • Develop loads of wrinkles & those that you already have become far worse – Leaving out moisturizer from your skincare routine could lead to the presence and birth of deep wrinkles as you grow older in life. This happens as a result of the skin’s barrier being utterly compromised and thus causing dryness. When the skin becomes extremely dry, it gets chronic inflammation, breaks down collagen, and accelerates your aging process. 

On the other hand, if you already have wrinkles, going without the application of moisturizer, makes sure your wrinkles are far more defined and apparent. 

  • You will develop a full-looking skin – Especially during the winter season, there’s a huge plummet in the humidity level. This can cause the environment to feel dry and out of moisture. Thus, the skin can automatically feel super dehydrated, and this can strip all the lipids from your skin. This effect has a massive effect on your skin, causing it to look dull and flaky.
  • Your acne will get aggravated – this point usually just sounds extremely counterintuitive. However, using a great moisturizer can reduce the presence of having many blemishes and dryness. Those with acne prone skin, make sure that the skin doesn’t feel too greasy. Using a vegan, cruelty-free, and natural products act as a fragrance-free and deep moisturizing agent that calms down the body from producing any more acne, further down the line.
  • You won’t have a flawless makeup look – those suffering from under eye creases and want to avoid it altogether. Having an evenly moisturized skin truly feels great. It is always best to use your foundation right after using a moisturizer.  

To have a naturally clear and radiate skin through your adolescence and the majority of your adult life, it’s essential to invest in yourself & buy natural skincare

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