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Four Jaw-Dropping in Malaysia

The official tourism tagline of Malaysia is ‘Malaysia, Asia in truth’. Truly, when you consider diversity and how it displays many different colors of Asian lifestyle and culture. Ask any Malaysian and he can give you a different tagline that is more popular among locals: Bo Malaysia Boleh ’(Malaysia Can). It sheds light on a wide range of things to see, do, and explore in Malaysia. Book United Airlines tickets quickly from the official website.

Therefore, if you are visiting Malaysia, your choice of accommodation is far-fetched and may fall into different budget categories as well. However, there is always something unique. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites – or rather, Jaw-Mole-Taul’s unique home ranges are in Malaysia for you to choose from. These are different from standard homestays that you may have come across, and there is something in every budget range. We hope you will find your dream home from this list.

1.)  A Private Beach Villa

The city of Kudat in Sabah is famous for its unrivaled beaches. The luxurious luxury beachfront villa is breathtaking in terms of both location and amenities. Apart from the fact that it faces the sea, there is also a private pool for your entertainment. The icing on the cake is that Borneo sunsets are the most beautiful in this part of Sabah. Imagine a sunset drinking a drink in the pool? Ecstasy! It comes with 4 bedrooms, so you can go with a crowd of 12 people and still be satisfied – this is the perfect place for families and corporate events.

What makes this place special?

Location clearly. Consider it a complete detox from modern technology, as this location does not guarantee cell phone reception due to remote location. If there was a paradise for peace and tranquility, you know that it comes with a private pool, beach, and even the villa staff is available to take care of all your needs. All priced at MYR 672 and it is capable of accommodating up to 12 guests.

2) Exploring Bali in Malaysia

Penang is a unique place in Malaysia, which is famous for its Peranakan culture. If you ache for a small indulgence of Balinese culture in Penang, the Elite Suite Balinese Homestay is what the doctor recommends.

The entire house is decorated in a very Bali fashion; Even the flow of light is being adapted to be comfortable. Nevertheless, if it is an adventure or sightseeing after which you do not fret, the Eliot Suite Balinese is just 20 minutes from the UNESCO heritage site of Georgetown, Penang.

What makes this place special?

Apart from the fact that you will experience a lot of Bali without leaving Malaysia, the Elite Suite Bali also comes with free parking. Making it perfect for a quick drive. Also if you are flying, it is not far from the city center. It is located just 10 minutes from Penang Airport and is surrounded by nearby shopping malls. Living is very cheap in itself. You can have a maximum of 10 guests, and you will arrive at MYR 538 (INR 8000) for the entire stay. To add to it, it comes with a kitchen, TV, and even Wi-Fi. Not a bad deal right? Quick note though. According to house rules, you cannot bring pets. Also, you cannot bring durian indoors, as they emit an odor. Of course, no smoking too.

3) How to live in a traditional Malay house?

Search a little, and you are definitely bound to find some really unique houses there. Like this traditional house, which is also known as ‘traditional Rumah Melayu’ in Malay.

These cultural houses are not just made of wood, but there are also wooden items inside. A testament to the indigenous architectural styles of the Indonesian archipelago, and the result of a match between European and Asian cultural ideas. Book your flight ticket now by calling United Reservations customer service.

What makes this place special?

While there are some restrictions to this homestay (no pork foods and pets are allowed), this is a special getaway if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its location is about 15 kilometers from the city, which means you will need a car or transport to get there.

However, once you reach there, you are surrounded by tasteful nature and fresh air. Apart from this, you will also have an open-air garden available from which you can get lost in the thrill of nature. Accommodation for all 8 guests, priced at MYR 896 (INR 13300).

4) A kampung house in Ipoh

Kampung Ghar – or Rumah Pangong in Malay, are stilt-houses. Kampung is a name given to a traditional village in Malaysia and Indonesia (which originally gave the English word ‘compound’). Most Kampung houses were built on stilts, to avoid wild animals. In a city like Ipoh, development has caused wild animals to disappear. But what remains are kampung houses or houses built on stilts.

What makes this place special?

In addition to being very close to Ipoh Airport, this child-friendly cultural getaway is perfect for small families.

The house has a garden, a picnic area, and free self-parking. Additionally, Wi-Fi is available in public areas as well if you want to post an Instagram-worthy photo you took from the nearby Ipoh Parade. This Homestay comes at a cheaper price of MYR 413 (6200). Note that smoking and pets are not allowed.

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