Hardware element of networks you need to know

Any setup that is done, in that we need certain things regarding that setup. Every kind of setup needs the components regarding it. Talking about a setup like setting up a computer, a gaming setup, or say a network. Each of these setups requires different components and the one doing it should know about each of the ones. The components that we need to know about any setup are the hardware components. Many people would understand what hardware elements mean. For the ones who don’t know, let me tell them that hardware is any wire, machine, or equipment required for setting up a computer or any electronic device.

I would like to talk about the hardware elements of a network that you need to know. The most important thing that you need to know when setting up a network is that your wires should properly be labeled and purchased as per the requirement of length, speed, etc. When setting up a network there are some obvious components like wireless devices, routers, and any more are needed that will be described below. You should read about these components below to know about them.


A router also called an access point is the heart of a network. This component is the center of this setup where all the wire gets connected. A human body cannot work without a heart just like that only a network cannot work without a router. Routers are used so that multiple networks can be connected to it. Signals are received and sent through this device. Data packets are also transferred from a router to the devices.


A bridge is known as a device for computer networking. You can understand by its name that a bridge is always something that is used to connect two things. Talking about a bridge in networking it provides communication between two different networks. A big network is made through a bridge when the small networks are connected through it. They cannot be used in a large network directly. You can use bridges in a LAN (Local Area networks).

Network Interface Cards:

The functioning of a router is just useless in providing network access if there is no network interface card in a device. This is a hardware element of a network that is used within the devices. A laptop already has a network interface card within it but for a computer, you need to install it. This component provides wireless connections like Wi-Fi to the devices by collecting and sending the radio waves to form the device on the router. Mainly it is used for the translation of data from and to the device.


Have you ever seen an electronic device or network being set without cables? I guess you have not because a network setup without cables is like a human body without legs. You have every basic thing for a network setup but you don’t have cables how you will be able to connect devices and would you be able to provide network access to the device. Cables are used for data transfer and in the transfer of information between two networks. There are many cables. Let me give some examples like Cat6 plenum cable 1000ft, Cat 5e plenum pure copper and many more. 


Many people confuse a switch with a router. Let me clear this thing that both the devices have a bit of difference. We have talked about the router above so let me tell you about switches. A switch is a component that is used to receive information to the device connected to it and then transfer that information to the required device. The main function of a switch is forwarding. By forwarding, I mean forwarding every kind of data and information that has been received by it.


A repeater is not a much-known element of hardware for setting up a network but is a major one when you are setting up a network. Let’s come to the functions of a repeater. Have you ever seen your signals going down but the signals went up automatically? This thing is done by a repeater. When the signals are weak, a repeater helps in regenerating the signals. This component helps in regenerating the connection. Distorted signals are not a problem at all if you have used a repeater while setting up the network.

These were the hardware elements that are very important for you to know if you are planning to have a proper setup of a network at any place if it is either your office, house, or place. These components are easily available everywhere, so if you are worried about where to get these so please don’t. All you need to see is the type of these devices you want because at times we know the device that we want, but we don’t know the type of it, so be careful in this case. I am sure these are the perfect components for setting up a network.

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