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Having Trouble Ranking Up? Do This to Improve Your Page Rankings

Brisbane has been frequently visited by tourists for its booming economy and towering buildings. It has also been a home to the development of fortune companies and digital marketing agencies, which spearheads ideal SEO practices for both local and international businesses. 

Like any other form of undertaking, managing an online business can sometimes pose difficulties, especially considering that you need to regularly update your posts and align content schedules relevant to your niche. Luckily, Brisbane SEO agencies have offered an all-encompassing package for those business owners who are looking to optimise their brand’s online presence. So take a good look at the following points if you want to get rid of low page rankings once and for all!

Routinely evaluate your page titles

One good thing about staying in the course of your objectives is to always make sure that your page titles are relevant, coherent, and simplified. With the recent update released by Google, it is widely known that those sites that have simplified page titles will be more likely to get more traffic since people are looking for simple yet catchy titles. 

As a general rule, always craft an intriguing but easy-to-read title for your content. This can help you convert more sales from visiting users and give you a loyal following. 

Update URLs

Regularly checking for URL status can help you analyse whether you need to adjust and modify your content based on the trends of your selected niche. For example, revamping the URL structure can help convert more views and accumulate more page views. 

Just a precaution, redirecting your old URL, which may have a decent amount of traffic, can potentially confuse Google on what page structure to crawl on once you have decided to convert the URL to a new one. That is why it is important to consult with some Brisbane SEO Adelaide agencies to provide you with technical assistance should the occasion mentioned above arise. 

Use compelling images

The use of high-quality images is important if you want to stay ahead and outrank your competition. However, as much as possible, you can also include video shots that would re-channel to your YouTube page (if your brand has one) to accumulate more views and to get a higher ranking. 

Factoring the number of views from images and videos will more likely indicate that users tend to stay more on a site when they are attracted to the visuals. Thus, it is important to create content with attractive images and include high-resolution photos at every point in the article. Try this, and you’ll see an increase in traffic within a month or two!

Update keyword placement

Another important part of an internal site audit is to assess for keyword placement. Nowadays, users are becoming more specific with their search intent, and strategically placing your keywords on certain parts of the content can help you get more traffic. Try this method, and you will see that more users will search through your site!

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