Health Effects of Divorce Cases & The Role of an Attorney

The family is a complex institution that keeps on evolving. Often, we experience cases of separation, divorce, domestic violence, and sometimes inter-generational conflicts. Divorce is pretty common and is often triggered by a host of reasons. Nevertheless, dealing with a divorce case is one stressful ordeal. Many hire the expertise of a divorce lawyer to ease the process. Divorce is also associated with numerous health effects to the couple and kids alike.

How can I file for divorce?

A significant percentage of marriage unions end up in divorce. No matter the reason for dissolving the union, there are various steps to be followed. First of all, you should be legally married and in possession of a marriage certificate to file for divorce.

If you happen to have lost this vital document, a lawyer can help out. He or she will help you establish your marital status by filing the necessary documents. What’s more? There should be no possibility of reconciliation among the parties. In this case, a divorce lawyer in Mankato, a city in south central Minnesota, will guide you on all the necessary forms and any other processes involved.

What’s the role of a divorce attorney?

 If you want to file for divorce, you’re probably wondering where to start, the cost, and the duration. An attorney will answer all your queries and share insight on many other issues as per your individual case. If you come up with a divorce agreement with your spouse, you still need an attorney. The professional will review the document to ensure that it’s acceptable in court.

In case of a contested divorce, each party will hire their attorney. Such cases involve major issues like child custody. The attorney will help you understand what a legal divorce agreement may look like. 

Can I tell you more? A divorce attorney also has a role in uncontested yet complex divorce cases. In case of a complicated financial situation, a skilled attorney will be necessary. The lawyer will help draft the divorce agreement and consider factors like;

·         Joint property

·         Credit/Debit card debts

·         Insurance policies

·         Savings.

How will a divorce case impact my health?

1. Depression

When a marriage union dissolves, most people blame themselves and feel like failures. For example, if you’re divorcing due to unfaithfulness, you may feel unworthy, affecting your self-esteem. This can also lead to negative feelings leading to hopelessness and depression. 

Divorce cases also involve multiple court processes, which can be time-consuming and depressing. For his reason, it’s critical to hire an attorney to handle most of the procedures. The professional will also link you to other support systems. 

2. Cardiovascular disease

As per a report published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, middle-aged couples have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease after dealing with a divorce case. Still, middle-aged women are highly likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than their male counterparts during the divorce.

What are the reasons? Divorce is a stressful experience and hits harder on women than on men. Women are also likely to stay single for longer than men, which may encourage isolation and depressive thoughts.

3. Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is common in people undergoing a divorce. It results from suffering multiple conditions at the same time. These may be;

·         High blood pressure

·         High blood sugar

·         High cholesterol levels

This condition heightens your risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. According to studies, divorced and widowed women have a higher likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome compared to those in happy marriages.

The bottom line

Filing for divorce can be traumatizing and can affect your loved ones and health in various ways. The best way to deal with divorce is to hire an attorney. The professional will ease the process and save a lot of time. It’s also critical to seek psychological help to deal with stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts resulting from the divorce process.

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