AC Problems

Here’s How to Fix Some Common AC Problems

Your air conditioner is, after all a machine, and may face issues from time to time. It may run but may not cool your room and may have several problems over its shelf life. 

Thus, what is the way out? Just like you take care of your health and maintain other devices, you will also need to find some common AC issues and fix them. In this post, we are going to enlist common AC issues and ways you can resolve them. Read on!

Inadequate coolant 

If the quantity of refrigerant in your air conditioner is not sufficient, then it may run but unable to make your room cool. Thus, it may strain the device as you may run it for a long time considering it may take time to cool and let it consume more power units. Thus, what you can do is simply call an expert and get the coolant in your 3 Star Rating AC refilled. 

Dirty condenser coils 

You should know that if the condenser coils of your AC get covered with a layer of grime and dirt, and it may not work at its fullest potential. It is a common AC problem that people face as most of the cities in India may have air filled with pollution. Thus, when it happens, then the transfer of heat gets impacted, and your device has to strain to work. Hence, it may lead to internal issues as well as cough up more energy units leading to the payment of sky rocket electricity bills. 

Leaking ducts 

The ductwork running via your ceiling and walls is what carries the cool air from the AC to your room. Thus, if there are holes in the ductwork, then it may be leaking the cool air out and not doing you any good. What’s more, you may also have to manage to pay the power bills for cooling that you are unable to enjoy. It is because the unit, in this case, has to strain to work hard to cool the space. Thus, if you see that your room is not getting enough cooling, ensure to check the ducts for possible leaks and breaks. 

Clogged drains 

All the moisture that your AC sucks up from your room has to be thrown away somewhere. It is supposed to be removed from the room via a drain line to a pan and down a drain, finally. Thus, if the drain lines are clogged, then the water can go back and make your system faulty. Water leaks can also lead to walls, ceiling and furnishing damages and if you don’t attend to it, then you may see the growth of mould. 

What are some easy ways to keep off your AC problems?

  • You should ensure to get your AC’s dirty air filters replaced. 
  • You can also look out for possible leaks and damages in your AC ducts and get it repaired. 
  • It will be better to get rid of older control systems in your AC by getting new thermostats installed – they are more accurate and help you save energy. 
  • You should also make it a point to clear the debris lying around your outdoor unit of the AC. When your AC is not in use, you can cover it with a cloth or sheet to avoid unwanted things from getting accumulated right there. 
  • You should also strictly get your AC serviced at least twice a year and once before the summer months start. 

By considering and employing the discussed steps, you can easily fix your AC issues and let it work for you for years to come without faults.

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