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How a Care Manager Helps Both Care Giver and Care Recipient

Some of the most important responsibilities that come with caring for a loved require levels of expertise you may not possess. Providing needed expertise is one of the ways a care manager can benefit caregiver and care recipient alike. 

What Is A Care Manager? 

A care manager like the expert from the Home Care Lincoln CA serves family caregivers in an advisory capacity. Many care managers hold degrees in nursing or social work. Care managers can specialize in a particular area of healthcare like Geriatrics. Let us explore why a caregiver and their loved one might need a care manager. 

Help Developing a Care Plan 

Your care manager will assess your loved one’s medical and environmental needs then develop a care plan, see that the plan is being followed correctly, and if necessary make changes to the care plan. If your loved one’s surroundings are not suited to their needs your care manager will point out what changes need to be made. 

Your care manager can help you find the in-home services your loved one needs. Upon procuring those services your care manager will show you how to be certain the services are being properly rendered. 

Medical Guidance 

Care managers have a working relationship with doctors. Your care manager will attend doctor visits with you and your loved one. Your care manager’s training and experience enable him/her to understand and relate a physician’s findings and instructions. 

Your care manager will be able to determine if your loved one needs a specialist. Needless hospitalizations can be prevented through the involvement of a care manager. 

Legal and Financial Guidance 

Managers of caregivers in Lincoln help clients find legal and financial services. Legalities might include creating a durable power of attorney and living will. Part of a care manager’s job is to be aware of entitlement programs i.e.; Medicaid and veteran’s benefits. 

Once these entitlement programs have been identified your care manager will guide you through the application process to the final determination. A financial planner and care manager can work together to ensure there will always be money for your loved one’s care. 

Guidance Transitioning From Home to Nursing Home 

If your loved one has to enter a long term care facility your care manager will know how to ease a difficult transition. Your care manager’s involvement does not have to end after your loved one enters the nursing home. During patient care conferences your care manager can serve as an advocate for you and your loved one. If you need a surrogate to attend a patient care meeting your care manager will fill that need. 

Understanding the laws governing nursing homes enables care managers to serve as mediators to resolve issues with your loved one’s care. To make sure proper care is being rendered your care manager can be your eyes and ears by paying random visits to check on your loved one. 

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