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People from different countries use marijuana for its therapeutic benefits. Ganja, as called in the eastern countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc., is used for its medicinal value. The Hindu ideology from India much influenced the hippie culture in the USA. The hippies embrace ganja or cannabis as divine and consume the same to achieve a state of psychedelic high. The hippie culture of the 80s had its merits and demerits. But the movement surely re-introduced cannabis to millions of Americans who now understood the therapeutic value of the plant. 

But with the free movement came restrictions that made the legalization process harder. Cannabis was considered an illegal drug, and the possession of the same could lead to jail time. Countless people went to prison for having a small amount of marijuana with them. But over the last decade, things changed drastically, yet weed enthusiasts have a long way to go if they are to legalize cannabis all over America. Continue reading this article to learn more about how technological advancements help promote marijuana in the country. 

Visibility: The rise of social media and platforms like YouTube helped fuel the marijuana movement. People can access information and learn more about the benefits of marijuana. Activists are able to connect to millions over social media, which helps create a movement that ultimately turns into mass public opinion. The pop culture and the celebrities too did their part in creating visibility in the community. Smoking marijuana and pop culture in American go hand in hand. People have long seen rappers and pop stars smoke pot on-screen and accept it as part of their lifestyle. 

  • Music Icons like Bob Marley, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and more have actively promoted weed. Many musicians have featured smoking weed in their music videos. Young Pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have been vocal about the benefits of cannabis. 
  • These celebrities have millions of followers all over the country. These fans are the voters who at large helped legalize marijuana in various states. 

Statistics: Besides creating mass visibility, technology has also helped gain statistics on cannabis consumption. For example, suppose data shows that people over forty are the prime consumer of cannabis products. In that case, advertisements will be made with that demographic of audience in mind to make more sales. Marijuana stores use Cova Software application to deliver assistance to customers. In the USA, the states are currently divided into groups. 

  • In some states, the recreational use of marijuana for adults is legal. 
  • While in some states, only medical use of marijuana is legal. One can still be arrested in these states for the recreational use of cannabis. 
  • Some states have not declared their position regarding the use of marijuana. The status is still pending for those states

There are more statistics that help grow the cannabis business. For example, a survey shows that a large percentage of people with chronic pain take marijuana to numb the pain. In addition, many people undergoing chemotherapy also consume marijuana to ease the pain.

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