How much money jackpot slots

How much money can you win on normal jackpot slots?

Jackpots have been an integral part of slot trends for many years, but modern slots have taken jackpot prizes to the next level and now punters can chase numerous different types of them.

Of course, the headline makers are the huge life changing, progressive jackpots, and their sole purpose is to attract more of us to play pay by phone casino slots. However, not all jackpots offer life changing cash prizes, and you can play for smaller prizes that are far easier to land. Although they will not change your life, they can give a large boost to your jackpot chasing bankroll. 

Normal Jackpot Slot Games 

There is no doubt that jackpot slots can make your heart skip a beat, but if you think that chasing progressive jackpots would break your bank roll then normal jackpots should be your first port of call. What is a normal jackpot prize, well this is open to much debate, but a normal jackpot prize is considered to be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds? Some go lower and are dependent on your staking level, these are usually fixed jackpots that always stay the same. These can actually be the easiest to hit and they can either be won at a random drop during any spin or as part of a bonus round. 

Fire Blaze Jackpots 

Fire blaze jackpots are quite new but have taken the slots world by storm. In the base game six special symbols are needed to trigger the fire blaze hold and re spin bonus feature. This takes place on a second screen and gives you a chance not only to win some cash, but to also bag minor, mini, major or grand jackpots. The grand jackpot is usually 2000x your stake and this bonus round can get really interesting if you are a high roller. 

During the bonus round, cash prize symbols land on a grid and remain in place and this includes the jackpot prizes. You can have one or more jackpot prize land and remain on the grid until the free spins are terminated following 3 consecutive losing spins. All the prizes are then added up including any jackpot wins and your grand winning total is displayed 

Jackpot Slots Things to Remember 

·        There are various jackpot prize values

·        Progressive jackpots are the hardest to win

·        Small jackpots, fire blaze and must go jackpots are the easiest to win 

Must Go Jackpots 

If you believe there can be such a thing as a slot expert, then they strongly advise slotters to be savvy with their jackpot chasing and target slots with jackpots that fall in the must drop category. The prizes here usually start from above £50 to around £7000 and everything in between. What you have to look for here is the values of the jackpots before they must go. If a jackpot must drop by £5000 and has reached the value of £4900, then target this particular slot. 

Final Thoughts 

To increase your chances of winning jackpot prizes 1. Aim for small jackpots. 2 Play certain jackpot slots that contain various jackpot values. 3 Look out for games with must go random jackpot drops.

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