How to find the ideal printing provider partner for your company

One of the most essential partners your company needs is a trustworthy printing provider. Your flyers, business cards, postcards, brochures and any other marketing materials must project an image of conviction and satisfied customers through high-end quality printing without making your budget suffer. Not all printing companies are equal or offer the same services, and you don’t always get what you paid for, so pay attention to the following tips to secure a trustworthy, quality printing for your business.

Finding premium processes and materials

When you use quality marketing materials you are increasing the likelihood that your marketing efforts will generate sales. Premium paper stocks feel very good in the hands of your customers, plus it lasts longer in sunlight and intensely displays your designs. Contemporary printing processes take advantage of soy inks, and finish with UV coatings, die cuts, hole punching, binding, foil stamping and many other processes keep your materials looking good. If your business follows a green agenda, look for a printing provider that offers eco-friendly alternatives like vivid soy inks, premium recycled paper stocks and electronic proofs. Quality is by far the most important factor when it comes to your printing, so you need to insantly toss out all contenders that can’t deliver it.

Saving time and money with smarter decisions

Looking for a high quality printing provider is one thing, but finding a high quality printing provider that offers affordable prices is another. Do not settle for low costs based on that measurement along – don’t compare apples to oranges, be reasonable with yourself and make sure you are actually getting value for the investment. A low-cost, poor quality brochure paper stock will definitely not perform as well as a premium brochure paper stock. The latter will obviously represent a larger initial investment, but if distributed properly it will represent a far greater ROI or return on investment. Offset printing presses cost time and money to set up each print run, and so you absorb the associated costs of making plates whether you print five hundred brochures or five thousand brochures. The set-up fee is static, hence the more you print, the lower your price per unit. Therefore, try to always print as many as you will use in one single run. Try to find a printing provider that offers instant pricing based on various paper stock, volume and finishing options so that you can compare and make the best decision for your firm.

Stick with one printing providerOnce you’ve decided on a printing provider, it will be best for you to stick with them. This way you will streamline your business printing ordering, and this will save you money. It will also provide long-term benefits like discounts and special pricing. Make sure you can always get assistance over the phone in case you need help with customer service. And whenever a problem arises, your loyalty as a customer will definitely be rewarded with resolution and also the benefit of the doubt in almost any given situation. Save yourself the hassle of poor customer service, it is priceless. You can avoid it altogether by picking a trustworthy printing provider and sticking with them.

Radhe Gupta
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