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How to improve your LinkedIn profile in simple steps

A LinkedIn Profile to create in a matter of few minutes. A few clicks, an email address and you’re ready to go. But a page created in this way is anything but promising. Visitors to your profile are looking for additional information, they want to know who they are dealing with, what qualifications this person has and what areas they are active in.

The perfect profile in six steps:

We will show you how to get the perfect LinkedIn profile in the following steps:


As in other social networks, the same applies to LinkedIn: A professional, personable, and appealing picture significantly shapes the effect of your profile. Make sure that your picture suits you both in terms of color design and appearance and that it conveys the desired effect.

Contact information

If you want to make contacts and build relationships, you should of course offer appropriate contact options. You do not have to provide all possible contact information. It is better to concentrate on the channels that you actively use and through which you can really be reached.

Profile URL

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to adjust your profile URL and make it more readable – and easier to remember. Be sure to use this option and be sure to choose a URL that is easily recognizable to you or your primary website. This not only increases the chance of being found by others, but the links with your profile URL also look more beautiful and elegant.

Added value

In order to draw other members’ attention and to create real added value in the network, you should ideally share interesting content every day. This can be your own articles as well as articles and contributions from other sites and users. If you regularly share the content of certain authors, you can also attract their attention.


Before you use any social network for your job search, you should set your Keywords. You then incorporate these keywords into all profiles – logically also in the description of your LinkedIn profile. In this way, you increase your visibility in the context of the respective keyword and get readers to associate you with these terms.


The “About Me” section may require some rethinking on LinkedIn. This is not a resume, but your chance to present yourself in a summary to visitors to your profile. Therefore, you should write here from a first-person perspective and address your target group and readers directly. In this way, you establish a personal relationship with your readers and can specifically emphasize who you are and what distinguishes you.

On LinkedIn there is a summary of me about “I am looking for” and “I am offering” on Xing. This is a free text field in which you describe goals, experiences, and motivation. The keywords are also important here. These ensure that the profile is found and called up. You can consult LINKEDIN PROFILE WRITING SERVICE for completing profile.

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