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How to Organize Your Office in a Post-Pandemic World

The nature of the working day may have irrevocably changed forever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as many employees thoughtfully await a return to the office.

If the necessity of remote working has taught businesses anything, it is perhaps that employees thrive on autonomy and the freedom to carry out their responsibilities. 

In order to take valuable lessons learnt over the last few years into the future, a post-pandemic office space needs to account for the mindset of the employee. 

Here are some tips on how to organize your office in time for the future. 

A New Set of Protocols 

Health and safety procedures and protocols are always useful in protecting the wellbeing of your staff, but it might be time to readdress your current paperwork. 

Aside from a standardized COVID 19 statement, it is important to promote a working environment that provides its employees with updated, relevant safety guidelines to be adhered to. 

This will help let your staff know that new measures are in place to protect them and put their mind at ease throughout their working day. 

Promoting Hygiene 

Cleanliness should be an essential part of the post-pandemic office, so making sure to implement as many sanitizing stations as is necessary is a must. 

Keeping the office clean is useful for a vast number of reasons, which includes making it look appealing enough for employees to want to travel to work; do not forget any areas, like the storage areas, communal areas, or even the bathroom, if you are going to remodel and change the partitions for a more modern look and easy to clean but don’t know where to begin, just search for bathroom partitions near me and you’ll be good to go. 

It might be best to hire an elite janitorial service to keep your office as tidy and as hygienic as possible. 

Consider the Needs of the Individual

Caring for your employees on their return to the office means looking after their mental wellbeing alongside their physical needs.

It is a very confusing and stressful time for many, so taking the individual into account is vital to the integrity of your team. 

This might mean you will need to allow for employees to continue working from home until they feel safe enough to return to the office, or gradually reintroduce them back to work. 

Putting pressure on them to return to the office as soon as possible can have a detrimental affect on the mental health of the staff member in question, so a softer approach might be necessary. 

In this regard, promoting autonomy might be the best place to start. 

The Office Layout

The physical layout of the office will no doubt play a large role in the reintegration of your employees, as will likely be an integral part of the safety aspect. 

For instance, the original setup of the office may not cater for social distancing recommendations or high concentrations of footfall in congested areas throughout the building. 

A rework might be in order to fix this situation, which can be achieved by implementing a one-way system and considering the space between desks. 

Perspex dividers may be essential for protecting your employees against the risk of catching an illness. 

Remaining vigilant and practicing self-awareness throughout the day can help you stay ahead of the game. 

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