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How To Win Every Valorant Game With Raze?

Valorant is a very complex game that takes years of experience to master. You may have pro Valorant cheats with you to play and win more games. However, as the level of games increases, you might not find these cheats very successful. 

For games where cheats are of not much use, you have various agents and weapons to put into your games to win them. One of these agents you will come across in Valorant is Raze. 

Raze is a special Valorant agent that is popular for its mines, grenades, and general explosions. Thus, if you want explosions and chaos in your games, go for Raze. Below listed are some of the tried and tested tips & tricks to win every game with Raze. 

  1. Become familiar with Raze’s abilities

You should get familiar with your agent’s abilities before using them in your game. However, it is not that easy. As said earlier, Raze is a special Valorant agent. It possesses special abilities you might not even know.

Those abilities are what separates her from the other Valorant agents. For example, she is super explosive and aggressive and loves to play with grenades and weapons.

On the other hand, she can also quickly get herself out of sticky situations, thus helping you win complicated games easily. Therefore, get familiar with her before playing.

  1. Make use of her special ability – Boom Bot

Boom Bot is the first ability of Raze. It’s a cute little robot that behaves like a Roomba. The only difference is that instead of cleaning your playing floor, it wipes out the map. 

What makes it worth using is its quick speed. It travels ahead of you, and upon sensing any enemy nearby, it will lock itself onto them and explode. The extreme intensity of the explosion leads to heavy damage to the enemy.

However, your enemy can also destroy the Boom Bot before it explodes. Boom Bot comes in handy when you are not sure whether to proceed or not while searching for enemies around you.

You can deploy the little robot for this purpose without telling the enemy about your presence near him. 

  1. Make use of Raze’s Black packability

After Boom Bot, here comes another ability of Raze, and that is the Black Pack – one of the most creative and fun abilities. However, it is equally tough to master. It’s a skill even you can use for your benefit.

For example, this blast pack sticks to the surfaces and explodes when there is sudden violence near it. However, if you’re using it for your benefit, it’ll propel you in the air like a balloon. 

Blast packs are a great defensive tool. However, it is best if you are careful while using them. 

  1. Paint Shells – Raze’s strongest utility in the game

Paint shells are the most impressive and creative ability of Raze’s kit. It may appear like a grenade, but it’s more than just that. That is, unlike your regular grenade that explodes once, these paint shells explode into mini-explosions.

These mini-explosions cause much more significant harm to anyone in their range. Thus, if your enemy is approaching you, use these paint shells towards them.

However, make sure not to get over-excited and throw them early. Thus, with paint shells, the trick is not to panic and throw them too early.

  1. Don’t forget to use showstopper

Showstopper is another grenade-like ability of Raze you can use to win challenging Valorant games. It usually causes damage of 20 to 150+ depending upon the target’s distance from the grenade.

Like paint shells, you can also suffer damage from these showstopper grenades if not used carefully. Here’s a pro tip.

Use blast packs and showstoppers together in challenging missions. It will help you to fly through the air and shoot the rockets towards the enemies from above.

However, there are some issues with showstoppers. First, the velocity of these rockets is very slow. Thus, the chances of success over long distances are significantly less. Second, low velocity means no instant kill, unlike other skills. 

Thus, if you are not sure about the location of your enemies, it’s better to avoid using showstoppers and go for any other regular hitscan weapon.

  1. Use the skills of Raze wisely and carefully

Now that you are familiar with Raze’s unique skills, you should remember to use them carefully. While all the skills mentioned above lead to an explosion near or around the enemy, some skills can harm you too in the process.

For example, in the case of a showstopper, you can also harm yourself if you do not use it carefully and at a distance from you. 


Yes, Valorant is a complex game with lots of challenges and missions to complete; it’s never hard when you have Valorant cheats with you. However, in some missions, it becomes necessary to use something extra above these cheats.

For example, an agent like Raze. This article comprises all the special abilities of this Valorant agent with tips on using each of them for maximum success in missions. 

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