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How You Can (Do) ZUMVO FREE MOVIES In 24 Hours Or Less

With VOD services like Netflix and Hulu, it has never been easier to enjoy a movie on-demand. But what do you say to those who don’t have a means of instant streaming like zumvo free movies?

It’s easy to find ways around this: check out your local library, stream movies legally through Amazon or iTunes, and request DVDs from Amazon Prime or Netflix. But what if you want to watch the latest movie that is still playing in theaters?

This guide will tell you how to get free movies, legally, on a limited budget. All you need is some patience.

1. Closed Captioning & Subtitles  

This one is easy: go to OpenSubtitles.org , click “movie” on the left-hand menu and enter your movie’s name or (better yet) its IMDB number. Scroll down and click “English.” Then look for the link that says “CC.” Click it, then scroll down and select your language of choice from the list. Once you’ve selected your language, scroll all the way down again until you see a link that says “Download. Please wait.” Click it, select the relevant subtitle file and click “Download.”

2. YouTube

For dewy-eyed youngsters who want to learn foreign languages, YouTube is a gold mine. You can watch subtitled movies there, too. Just find the movie you want on Google Search, type “YouTube” in the search box at the top and click on the movie’s name or its IMDB number. Then find a link that says “Subtitle.” At this point you will have to wonder: does Google have something against subtitles? Once you’ve clicked it, scroll down until you see the button for downloading subtitles. (Ignore any subwarnings that appear.)

3. DVDRips & Torrents  

On the Internet, you’re never guaranteed a “clean” copy of a movie. If you find a torrent or a DVDRip, you might want to check its readme file for information on its source. But be careful not to let yourself get too wrapped up in this aspect: downloading illegally can land you in jail.

4. Amazon Instant Video  

Amazon Instant Video is subject to some restrictions, but it’s still worth trying. Open your Amazon Prime account and then select “Free One-Day Prime Trial,” enter your ZIP code and sign up for an account at Amazon Instant Video, using the password provided by your mail order or gift card service provider. Then enter your name, address and a credit card number.

5. Redbox  

Go to Redbox.com , click “Movies” on the left-hand menu and enter your zip code. Then select a movie, the time it will be showing and the movie’s ratings. You’ll be able to rent up to four videos at once, but they will have an expiration date and you can only get one new video a day.


6. Netflix  

Netflix allows you to watch up to four television shows or movies at once, so if you get a bunch of friends together and create an account for everyone, you can make the most of this service. Just enter your zip code and click “Go.” Then wait several days.

7. Amazon Prime  

You can now buy or rent videos through Amazon Prime. You’ll only have 30 days to watch it, but that’s still more than enough time! Check with your mail order or gift card service provider for details on how to sign up for an account with Amazon Prime.

8. Blockbuster  

For many people, Blockbuster is the last place they rent DVDs from; and as a small business, this is something that Blockbuster should look into. Fans of the service will still be able to watch movies on Netflix and Redbox after their current rental expires.

9. CinemaNow  

CinemaNow is a video on demand service developed by the same group that owns Redbox, so it’s no surprise that plans for its shutdown surfaced when Blockbuster announced its closure. You can only access it through your Netflix account, so you’ll have to request an invite through customer support.

10. Other Retailers  

Make sure you try out your local video rental store before you conclude that retail chains are no longer a viable alternative. It’s not every day that Blockbuster goes out of business.

11. MovieRentals  

MovieRentals is a service by the same company that owns Redbox, so it’s no surprise that plans for its shutdown surfaced when Blockbuster announced its closure. This service allows you to watch movies on Netflix, Redbox and Amazon Prime Video, as well as rent DVDs from a variety of other sources, including your local video rental store and online companies like Vudu, Microsoft Movies and TV, Sony Music Digital (formerly Sony Electronics) and others.


If you take the time to read this guide, and you apply some of the methods I’ve mentioned to your own life, I promise that you’ll be able to watch movies for free. Don’t forget: these resources are constantly changing. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about how to get free movies .

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