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Is guest blogging a way to skyrocket your SEO potential

Matt Cutts once stated that the guest blogging is moving inside the course of its downfall but this remains upgrowing. The reason that it is certainly one of the greatest ranking factors for the search engine of link building and earning more authority.

But what the purpose of doing this kind of prophecy? Many marketers and search engine optimization practitioners find out the link building as a ranking factor they begin spamming and curating a massive sort of approach to get extra backlinks. But the question remains the same “Is there any authenticity in Matt Cutts’s prophecy”?

Not at all. A big range of people despite everything make use of this technique to curate backlink for their weblog. The prophecy is best for those people who are using a spinner to curate content material and submit to other weblogs.

Till now people are indulged in curating content for other guest blogging websites to have to get quality backlink. People continuously find accounts, businesses, autos, and cryptocurrencies guest posts accepting websites.

There are multiple benefits of guest postings

Exposure to a new audience

As we recognize guest posting is a quality method of bringing new visitors from all over the globe as it helps new customers to pique his interest in your site. And all this could be completed with the help of guest posting as it gets backlinks from different web pages and creates a reputation among all. This automatically creates site visitors on your website also.

Helps in developing a personal brand

As after doing a pair of guest posting on another website then it lets in developing a personal logo as many numbers of people are understanding you and likes your content. So they generally locate you with your name if you have published it on other websites. Personal branding allows in producing excellent site visitors.

Guest posting on different websites proves you as an expert

After getting a couple of numbers of guest posts published on other internet sites then it’s going to make you as an authority as you are constantly publishing a post on other web sites. And within the cutting-edge scenario, all the game is all about authority as after becoming an expert it allows in becoming an influencer in your industry. And because of that, you are recognized as a developed brand.

Helps in capturing qualified leads

With the help of all of the above-given points, you are in no doubt capable of generating huge amounts of site visitors from multiple sources with the help of which you can effortlessly generate the best leads for your developed or developing business. These all are performed while you had generated a huge amount of publicity with which you can generate qualified leads.

Guest posting is good but becomes bad when taken in a wrong way

Guest posting is a shady boon for everyone one who’s doing in a legit way and the other in the wrong way. While we are talking approximately about the legal manner it is the procedure while one webmaster is sharing its post to other webmasters and in response to that, they’re receiving a do-follow link from that.

But some tricky webmasters intentionally want to trick the google and starts spamming by curating content around it and placing the link on which they intentionally want to rank for. So this is the bad side of the guest posting.

Anchor text a hidden mystery

In submitting a post on another website for the purpose of getting a backlink, anchor text has an outstanding and major role in the majority of solutions and problems. First, take a quicker view of what guest posting is all about what anchor textual content is? Anchor texts are the key phrases that are hyperlinked within the guest post. But what abuse a person can do with anchor text? Anchor text is one of the finest factor elements of ranking. Increasingly more use of your key-word in your anchor text might cost you a heavily. So be on the factor and don’t hamper the positioning by the use of unnaturally hyperlinking your key-word. Doing this will break all your positioning if google reveals it unnatural.

So here we are able to say that the guest blog is still well worth it and may help in changing your positioning if taken in the right way.


Here I have told the whole history what guest posting is all about you can read and understand the benefits of guest posting. Anchor text is also one of the greatest factors for gaining a high position in the SERP’s. So be attentive while using anchor text and doing guest posting. 

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