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It Suits You: 2021 Trends for Men’s Wear

Enter the year of the ox with style! The classic men’s wear for any semi-formal to formal occasions are suits and pants. It has evolved differently as years passed by. From work to leisure, suits have become man’s best friend when they do not know what to wear. 

What Is the Colour of the Year?

This year’s colour of the year is Pantone. Specifically, ultimate grey and illuminating. As fashion drastically evolves, so is classic wear. There are already men’s suits in bright and flashy colours. They now have different textures and prints. Wherein a long time ago, the only known colours of suits were the earth tones, such as black, brown etc. 

When Did the Use of Suits Start?

Back in the 14th century, suits were introduced to yeezy for men. It is worn on important occasions such as parties, funerals, and significant events. And in the 19th century, fashion took suits to the next level. Fashion designers have collaborated and designed more varieties of suits and suits, showcase masculinity and a sense of reliability. Women have always admired men who wear suits. 

Since there are a growing variety of suits and pants, it would be hard to pick the perfect suit to make an excellent entrance to this year’s fashion trend. Do not worry because this article is nowhere to be your fashion guide. Consider thinking outside the box and explore new things. Get your pens and take notes!

  1. Play With Colours! 

Out are the black and dark colours, and in with the bright colours! The classic men’s suits used to be the staple of men for formal events. But today, suits are widely used to work, leisure and parties. Take your suits to the next level! Do not be scared to play with colour schemes. But always be mindful if your suit is appropriate for the setting or event. 

  1. Brown Is Your Staple 

For some people, black is their go-to, but brown will be your staple suit for this year. It is unusual for some, but choosing brown’s right shade shows your aura’s seriousness and warmth. It is not as predictable as navy and grey. And lastly, it is suitable for all skin tones. Pair your brown suit with light-coloured shirts and polos such as baby blue, white or charcoal.

  1. Athletic Twist 

This style is typical for men who use suits as casual attire. Pair up your traditional suit and pants with white sneakers. In this way, it became a fusion of formal and informal. This is usually seen in casual evening parties and even suitable for morning dates if you are trying to impress someone but do not want to go overboard.

  1. Fit Check! 

Getting the right size of suits can be challenging for some, especially those with unproportioned body types. Choosing the best fit of suits is essential in making a statement with your outfit. If you cannot find a perfect fit, consider having your suits customized. 

  1. Stripes Are the New Classic 

Have you always wanted that Chuck Bass aura from the well-known series in the Upper East Side? Having bold and textured pinstripes suites is the way to go. This is an alternative if you are not comfortable using flashy colours.

Suit Up!

Men in their suits and ties are the new gear for society’s battles. Choosing your outfit is not just about looking presentable and on-trend. It also showcases your personality and how you opt to be treated. Fashion is an unspoken statement.

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