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Know all About the Positive Effects of Delta 8 THC

For the last few years, CBD has been in the limelight, making headlines. But there is another cannabinoid flying low on the radar that very few people know about, and it is Delta 8 THC

Though unknown to many, it has now slowly come out from hiding mainly because of the impressive list of positive effects and medicinal benefits that Delta 8 carries. With tons of research going on to find its full potential, there are already a few benefits that have come to light. 

Experience Benefits without The High

Delta 9 THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis plants. It is the compound that makes you feel high. Delta 8 THC has less harmful psychoactive effects compared to that of Delta 9. 

Many researches show that Delta 8 can provide therapeutic effects similar to that of Delta 9 without the unwanted side effects. This lack of psychoactive property is significant as there are fewer chances of getting high, and instead, you get increased focus and concentration along with a calming effect.

It Has Cancer-Fighting Properties

Cannabis has always played an active role in fighting cancer. There are researches supporting this dating back to the 1970s with proofs and studies validating its potency. In 1974, government researchers worked on studying the properties of Delta 8 THC for cancer treatment. 

They used mice for the research and discovered that those treated with Delta 8 had reduced tumor sizes. The survival time of those mice was also high. 

Has Various Antiemetic Properties

Delta 8 decreases the chemotherapy side-effects like vomiting and nausea in cancer patients.  The antiemetic property of the cannabis plants makes this possible. Israel conducted research in 1995 to back up this theory.

They administered Delta 8 to pediatric cancer patients who suffered from nausea after chemotherapy. The result showed dramatic improvements in those patients with a 100% success rate. Along with this, Delta 8 did not have any other side effects, including the psychoactive effects.

As a part of the research in the USA, delta 8 showed to be 200% effective as an antiemetic compared to Delta 9.

Improves Cognitive Functions

Delta 8 shows promising effects in treating Alzheimer’s and other cognitive issues. A study in 1987 on mice proved that delta 8 increases the acetylcholine levels in the hippocampus and cortex and decreases the hippocampus’s acetylcholine turnover. The declining level of acetylcholine in the brain is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Stimulates Appetite

Delta 8 also has appetite-stimulating properties. During a study in 2004 on rodents, researchers found that those treated with delta 8 THC seemed to have developed a good appetite compared to those treated with Delta 9. 

Has Anti-Anxiety Properties

Delta 8 also exhibits positive effects when it comes to anxiety. Medications that impede anxiety are anxiolytics, and Delta 8 is said to be an effective anxiolytic agent. Even when taken in high doses, Delta 8 is less likely to bring on anxiety than Delta 9. It offers a better clear-minded experience with lesser anxiety. 

To wrap it up, Delta 8 comes loaded with so many health benefits that Delta 9 THC may lack. So find the right retailer to buy pure Delta 8 products to experience its array of positive effects. 

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