Learn Fitnessblender in Ten Minutes.

What is fitnessblender?

Fitnessblender is a YouTube channel that has a series of videos on YouTube and the website. The videos are typically 10-20 minutes in length, led by fitness expert Blender, and they include workout routines that are targeted to specific needs (e.g., full body, abs) or goals (e.g., weight loss).

The exercises in these workouts are broken down into 3-5 minute sections that focus on different muscle groups or movements in the body; for example, trunk rotation for core work or planks for abs work.

Use of  the product:

The workouts in the Fitnessblender series are free on YouTube and include a warm-up, cool-down, and the actual workout led by Blender. The YouTube videos also include helpful (and sometimes humorous) images to show the correct form of each exercise. This is great because it gives users an easy way to learn how to do exercises correctly, in a short amount of time.

Difficulty level:

Blender has a great variety of workouts for all levels, including beginners who are just beginning their exercise journey. There is also a huge variety for advanced exercisers, such as myself! My favorite routine I’ve done from Fitnessblender is the full body workout with weights on YouTube. This routine is near full body (shoulders and arms weren’t targeted, but could be added in later) and includes a mix of bodyweight and weighted exercises.


Tons of variety – Blender’s workouts have a huge variety, from beginner to advanced. Each section of the workout is focused on a different muscle group or movement in the body. Some workouts include cardio and abs, some focus on lower body and others focus on the upper body.

Short videos – Blender’s videos range from about 6-12 minutes each. This makes it easy to find time for a quick workout in the morning when you’re short on time, or to make room for just one more workout in your day!

Videos with audio: Some of Blender’s videos include audio instructions along with the visual instructions above each exercise. This is very helpful in learning the correct form of a new exercise, and helps to make sure that you are forming your body correctly during the exercises.

What sets fitnessblender apart from the rest?

It targets all muscle groups – Most of the other channel’s workouts I’ve tried have focused on either lower or upper body, and not both. Blenders full body routine was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to workout a little bit more intensely. The videos are also very easily laid out, and include an appropriate mix of cardio, weights and core to keep your whole body in shape!

It provides 3-5 minute sections – These sections are perfect for me when I have very little time to fit in a workout. The videos include a warm up which is great for getting blood flowing into your muscles before you start working them out.


I don’t think there are too many negative things about Fitnessblender. One thing I would like to see is videos with a variety of workouts for various situations, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers. However, this could be put into Blender’s videos or put into future videos of other YouTubers.


For the most part, I would have no problem recommending Fitnessblender to anyone looking to lose weight or who wants to improve their fitness level. I would caution beginners, however, that the videos do not teach proper form for all the exercises included (for example, I didn’t know how to do a semi-isolated squat). Thus, if you are just beginning your fitness journey, I would recommend consulting a personal trainer or other fitness expert as you begin your workout program.


The workouts are easy to follow and nearly impossible to mess up. There are also a variety of workouts that can be done in groups, with friends, or individually (and you could always add on more weight or reps if you want). The videos also include a warm-up and cool-down segment, which is always a great idea!


The biggest drawback for me was the lack of “advanced” bodyweight exercises that focused on just the shoulders and arms. Blender does do bodyweight squats, but my arms/shoulders were not completely worked. This is because it is hard to work multiple muscle groups at once using just your own body as resistance (e.g. chin-ups). Thus, I would recommend that beginners focus on exercises that target just the muscle groups that need to be worked (e.g. triceps), and then add in exercises for the shoulders and arms if you’re ready for more intensity.

What would make Fitnessblender better?

I don’t think there needs to be anything more added to the mix of Blenders workouts. The videos include everything that you need to get a good workout, even if you haven’t worked out in a while or are just getting started with fitness! You can add in some weight with dumbbells which adds weight resistance into the routine. This means that anyone can do any fitness blender workout. My overall opinion of fitnessblender is that it is good for someone who’s just beginning with working out. The routines are made up of short, easy to follow and laid out videos, and focus on upper and lower body workouts.

The exercises in the Fitnessblender series can be done using the “penguin stretch” exercise, which allows you to do squats without worrying about your knees hurting or having mobility issues (as long as you have good flexibility). This makes them extremely easy to work into your regular workout routine.

Overall: health & fitness

I would definitely recommend Fitnessblender for anyone looking for an intense, but easily followed routine at home. The videos are easy to follow and include very clear instructions on how to do each exercise. I would caution those who are just beginning their fitness journey to consult with a personal trainer or expert to learn the proper form for each exercise. 

Most of the exercises in Blenders series targets your upper and lower body, so if you’re looking for a routine that does not have any cardio or ab work, then Blender isn’t for you. It also includes a warm-up and cool-down segment in each video, which is always great! I would recommend anyone who is looking into becoming more physically fit, or anyone who wants to increase the intensity of their workouts, to try Fitnessblender.

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